Banksy's Dismaland

Depressingly Brilliant.

Amazingly Dismal.

Eerily Awesome.

Bizarrely Familiar.

Perfectly Offensive.

Humorously Sarcastic. 

Ironically Fun.

Just a few contradictory things you may feel when walking around Banksy's new exhibition 'Dismaland' in the derelict tropicana building on Weston-super-mare's seafront.

The day we went (Saturday) was chucking down with rain which only added to the overall dismal feel Banksy so wanted to create.

Despite his aim, the hundreds of people queueing, wet through, for nearly an hour, were in very high spirits.

People were happily parting with £2 to try to shoot down the tins to win some bling. Despite them being clearly glued down.

Laughing as they paid another £2 to hook a duck, whilst having things thrown at them by staff members and those fortunate to win getting a clear plastic bag with fish skin in. 

Smiling as they steered the minature boats on the boat pond. Filled with refugees. Trying to avoid the bodies floating in the water around them.

And giving 'knock the Anvil to win the anvil' game a go. With a ping pong ball.

Everyone desperate to get their hands on quick selling balloons from the gloomy looking & rude ballon seller. Balloons saying 'I am an imbecile'

The place is just dripping in irony. 

Banksy all over.

And that is what makes it just so bloody fantastic.

If you get chance before the exhibition closes on 27th September 2015. Go! Tickets are already sold out until 21st September though, so be quick!

I've purposefully not said much or included many pictures as I think it is good to go without any preconceptions and to keep the surprise element some-what. Half of the fun is discovering.

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  1. What a fascinating place. It must have been an interesting experience and so British. Thanks for linking up to #outandabout

  2. I'd love to see this although it does sound a controversial one #outandabout

  3. Dismaland has been a lot in the news recently. Not something I would want to visit, but it certainly makes a talking point.

  4. I'd only vaguely heard of this,it looks quite depressing but then that's what it's meant to be.I think that perhaps my mind doesn't quite work like Banksy,I love his work but I just don't get the black humour of this,not something I would visit unless curiosity got the better of me x


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