Family menu planning

Menu planning, to me, is essential. 

I like to write my menu & write a shopping list from that of foods we need. 

It helps with budgetting, makes food shopping much quicker, easier & less stressful and you are at much less risk of grabbing an unhealthy take-away several times a week because you haven't got anything in for tea.

I think it is especially essential when you have kids to cater for.

They love knowing what to expect for tea each day.

Organisation & preparation is key.

I do however find myself sitting with P every single Friday evening, attempting to write a menu & coming stuck for ideas. We always seems to think of meals we've already had that week. 

I like to mix it up a bit! 

I never like a 'slop' meal (spaghetti bolognese, casserole, curry etc) two days in a row or two 'chip' based meals.

Therefore I've now decided to work on a 4 week menu basis.

I've devised this plan below which sticks to a certain meal type each day, but I can choose from the 4 varieties each week. 

It works for us.

If you also struggle week in week out with organising meals, give it a go!

*Recipes to follow for some of the meals included below.

The recipe for the sausage casserole mentioned above is available HERE.

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  1. i could do with planning it would make it much easier when im working

  2. I like your idea of themes - makes it easier to think of meals. We always do fishfriday, but I might include some other themed days, hmm.

    Good plan!

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  4. Very cool and creative way to deal with such a routine thing like preparing dishes. However, what will you do when someone from your family will come out with statement that he\she doesn’t like pie or fish. Will you say: “No, you need to eat it!”, or will you make some concessions to help your child feel some understanding? It’s very similar question to “Would you approve buying an essay ?". If you knew that your kid doesn’t have time to do the entire home task he have all by himself.


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