Recipe: Christmas tree cupcakes

This time next month the big man himself will have been and gone and we'll all be stuffed after scoffing down a giant Christmas dinner.

Scary thought huh?

Don't panic. Eat cake. It'll make you feel better. I promise.

And get you into the festive spirit if you make these cheery little Christmas trees!

I made simple vanilla cupcakes, but you could add a teaspoon of mixed spice and teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake batter to make these smell and taste extra Christmassy!

They are so very easy to make but so effective.

I made these with BB. He helped make the cake batter, I swirled on the buttercream and we both decorated them.

Here's how BB got on with his...

Great aren't they?

He said, 'Mummy are you proud of my cakes?'

Yes, yes I am proud.

For the cakes:
175g softened butter
175g self raising flour
175g caster sugar
3 large eggs
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

For the buttercream:
200g softened butter
400g icing sugar
1 tbsp milk
1tsp vanilla extract
Green food colouring

Cake decorations of your choice.

1. Preheat the oven to 180c and line a 12 hole muffin tin with large muffin cases.

2. Cream the butter and the sugar together before adding the eggs. Mix thoroughly.
Add the flour, baking powder and vanilla extract and whisk well.
Spoon into cases and bake for approximately 20 minutes.
Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

3. Meanwhile make the buttercream by whisking the butter and sugar together. Add the icing sugar bit at a time to avoid a bit snow cloud!
Add the vanilla extract and then gradually add the milk until you get the desired consistency.
Add the food colouring.

4. Pipe a good swirl onto each cooled cake, building it up quite high to resemble a christmas tree.
Decorate with any balls, glitter, stars etc of your choice.


  1. These look fab. The buttercream trees are of effective. Love it!
    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

  2. I bet they didn't last long! Popping by from Toddler Approved Tuesday

  3. Love these - so effective! Well done BB :) #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  4. So effective! I love them, I'm sure they would go down very well in our house ;) thanks for linking up to #toddlerapprovedtuesday x

  5. wow how cute are these! theyve turned out amazing!! Great read and enjoy eating them! Suz x

  6. How did I miss these! Sorry I'm late commenting, only just found these on #HowtoSunday linky and they are fab! I love them and will need to see if I have at least some of your skill to make these.
    Thank you so much for linking up to #HowtoSunday :) x


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