Elf on the Shelf: Our North Pole breakfast

I've been doing elf on the shelf for years now, and as part of that we the elves organise a North Pole breakfast for the children at home.

In previous years, I've gone with the theme of the elves bringing their style breakfast from the North Pole to us.

And we all know what elves love don't we?

Candy, sugar, sweets, chocolate....

All the foods that are normally treats to us!

So previous years I've filled the table with danish pastries, chocolates and cakes galore.

What a treat you'd think?

In reality hardly any of it got eaten. 

It was just too sickly and the children just love their morning cereal way too much.

I didn't want to make the same mistake again this year.

But I didn't want to scrap it altogther either.

This is the year they are loving it the most out of all of them.

At nearly 6 and 4.5 years, they are the perfect age and are REALLY into the elves and their mischief.

I decided instead of bringing an elf's sugar filled breakfast to the kids, I would 'Elf-ify' their normal breakfast and bring Christmas to the breakfast table.

The table was covered in a Christmas table cloth and scattered with gold star confetti.

We had giant snowmen and Santa balloons waiting in our chairs.

New Christmas cereal bowls.

Christmas party plates.

Christmas crackers.

Place names. Christmas ones of course.

The toast was cut into tree and snowflake shapes and put in a toast rack ready.

The milk was coloured elf green and put in a Christmas jug no less.

The glasses were Christmas-ified with festive labels taped around them, complete with red & green paper straws and 'Merry Christmas' flag.

The cutlery was put into Father Christmas' coat and trousers.

We had mince pies (For Daddy!)

Grapes with star shaped melon.

For the tree  and snowflake toast we had mini pots of jam and mini nutella.

And for a little treat, giant custard creams.

And for their favourite breakfast ever, their bog standard daily dose of cereals I bought the mini kellogs packs (you know, the ones you always get to have when you're on holiday), wrapped them in red wrapping paper and completed them with a new Christmas inspired name to match what was inside them.

Angel Halo's - Cheerios
Ice flakes - Frosties
Elf droppings - Coco pops
Polar bear poop - Rice crispies
Santa's shapes - Multigrain shapes
Reindeer breakfast - Cornflakes.

I wish I had orchestrated the North pole breakfasts like this years ago.

It was full of Christmas cheer.

The children were amazed at everything in front of them.

It was healthier and they ate everything (without feeling sick!)

I have the cereal box labels I made on file so will add them to the printables tab over the next few days should anybody wish to use them.

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  1. This is AMAZING! I want an elfified breakfast too!!

  2. It looks amazing! I want someone to make me an elf breakfast, I love all the little details, so perfect. Where did you get the little Santa tops for the cutlery and genius idea to turn the milk elf green! Thanks so much for linking up to #HowtoSunday :) x

  3. Wow, this is so pretty! I think I'd probably only go to this extent for the big-C-day breakfast?! You elfy mums put me to shame with your bundles of elf fuelled energy ha ha! Awesome...thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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