Restaurant review: Las Iguanas [Birmingham]

On Saturday, me, P & the kiddo's had the opportunity to check out South American restaurant, Las Iguanas, and play food critic for the night.

I'll be honest, I'd actually never heard of it before so I was shocked when I looked at their website and discovered they have quite a few branches around the UK with three of those being very close to me [Derby, Resort World Birmingham & Arcadian Birmingham].

We opted for the Arcadian branch in Birmingham.

Just so happened we chose THE busiest night to go so it was hectic.

But in a good way. 

Full of Latin atmosphere. Everyone there for a good night.

The manager said he had 418 booked in that night alone. Wow.

If that's not testament to how much people like this joint I don't know what is.

The service did not suffer at all for it. There were a lot of staff on to cater for the numbers.

Our food came quickly and the staff were very attentive to each table.
And in typical 'me' style, on the busiest night going, we ended up 20+ minutes late for our booking.

The world was against us. Traffic was awful and we sat 2 minutes down the road from the restaurant for over 10 minutes of that.

I did try to call ahead to let them know we were running late but I guess their busyness meant they couldn't answer. 

We turned up and stood behind a 'walk-in' group who were trying to get a table. I just new listening in to their conversation that they were going to get our table. 

Gah. I was right!

They were absolutely rammed full. Turning other walk-ins away.

I fully expected to be turned away. It was our fault for being late after all.

The staff however were lovely and managed to organise us a table within minutes in the bar area.

It was a little disappointing as the table was much smaller, the noise levels were much higher, so it was very hard to hear each other talking and being a Saturday evening (even though early 5-6pm ish) was full of people going out (You know - Out-out). 

They were totally making the most of the early doors 2-4-1 on cocktails. 

I was totally making the most of the early doors 2-4-1 on cocktails and the party atmosphere with a cheeky pina colada [or two]
But we need to remember this was MY fault, not there's. 

We were lucky to even get a table under the busy circumstances.

The dining area did look lovely and next time we visit I shall make sure we are on time to get a nice table there.


So, we finally get there and get seated.

We were all Hank Marvin.

And after a boring journey taking over an hour sat in traffic, they were feeling a little bored.

Luckily, Las Iguanas had entertainment covered.

Colouring pencils and paper are always a hit!

The children's menu's are fab.

Free organic baby food for the little ones and such a great choice for the bigger ones.

It makes such a nice change from the usual bog standard nuggets, fish fingers or burger for them. 

They could choose from exciting foods like wacky taco's or crazy quesadilla.

The boys are so set in their ways that they ended up with their usual of burger and chicken. It was nice that in amongst the unusual was still the familiar for those less adventurous.

The portion sizes were really good. I would have been happy with a meal that size let alone the children.

The waitresses were obviously very used to children dining there.

They said the adult meals would be around a 15 minute wait and would we like the children's meals asap or to wait and have all 5 together.

My children are much happier when fed.

And they take soooo long to eat, I new they'd still be eating when our food came out anyway.

So to have the choice was nice.

LL was a little more adventurous and opted for Lamb meatballs in a tomato and chipotle sauce.

They were SO scrummy. I could have eaten them all myself!!

She did find them a little too spicy for her taste (she's not as adventurous as she likes to think) but the waitress very kindly offered to bring over some sour cream which did the trick to tone it down enough for her to finish it all off.

It really felt like nothing was too much for the staff.

The children's meals were a main, dessert [they had a milk lolly each] and drink [BB & LL made FULL use of the unlimited squash!] for £5.90 which I think is good value for money.

P & I opted to start with some bread and olives to keep us ticking over until the mains came and the children ate.

I LOVE bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

It's one of those foods that you just don't really eat at home so it's always a treat when I see it on a menu.

10 month old LB loves food as much as me and P. Everything he's tried so far, from lemons to peanut butter, he's gobbled right up.

Until we decided to give him his first try of an olive from our starter.....

The menu for the mains was right up my street. I live for spicy food and this menu is full of spice. (Although there is a small section 'Brazil & Beyond' which features a few less spicy meals for the more boring taste buds)

I eventually opted for the Churrasco skewers which were honey glazed steak, red onion and peppers in a paprika & cumin marinade with salad, fries and a honey peri-peri sauce.

The portion was huge. And being fillet steak, the meat was so tender and lovely.

The skewers were tingly hot but the sauce was enough to make any taste buds dance. It was delicious!

P being the big old cave-man carnivore he is, had the 16oz chargrilled ribeye on the bone served with a chucky chilli & lime salsa, sweet potatoes and a chipotle butter.

That is A LOT of meat right there!

He throughly enjoyed it judging by the 4 minutes it took for him to inhale the lot.

He wanted it rare "as a good steak should be" apparently, and they cooked it perfectly.


It's also useful to note, you can request gluten free for any of the meals on the menu and there is also a separate vegetarian/vegan menu which, having been a vegetarian in the past and struggling with finding nice meals when out, is a super big plus points, especially for larger parties as you can be confident this restaurant really does cater for all.


After my huge meal and 2 cocktails I was stuffed to the brim, but P managed to cram in a dessert somewhere too.

The churros with dulce de luche were equally as yummy as the rest of the food.

Sat here writing about all of this, my mouth is watering and I literally want to be back there gobbling all of this up again.

The menu had so many foods that I wanted, I will definitely be back soon to try out some more.

The meal came to a total of nearly £80, which for the 5 of us, and bearing in mind we had the most expensive meals on the menu and cocktails to boot, I think is a great price.

It didn't feel like just a meal. It felt like a night out. 

Which with children in tow is an absolute rarity. 

We are normally in and out of somewhere as quickly as possible before any melt-downs or people staring at us for daring to bring 3 young children out.

On reflection, the fact that we were in the noisier bar area actually did us a favour. The noise of our 3 rowdy children was very much drowned out.

And although there were many groups and couples there to enjoy a night out, non of them looked oddly at us for being there for a family meal.

In fact the opposite, one lovely lady came over to our table to say she'd sat nearby and watched on amazed at how well behaved the children were. She just had to come over and let us know they were lovely. Ahhhh.


So overall, fab food offering something a little different to the norm, huge portions, great value for money, lively latin atmosphere, super friendly and attentive staff and children friendly.

What more could you ask for?

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  1. Sounds lovely! I have been there a few times - the one in Spitalfields market - but only ever for lunch. Looks like you had a great night, good food and great atmosphere, and the service sounds like it was excellent.
    I enjoyed reading this, now I just need some churros...
    x Alice

  2. Sounds perfect. I've never tried this brand but we have a few similar sounding Mexican places we love to get to. Never tried to take the tot though as they are not as child friendly as this place sounds. Think you've found the best of both worlds.
    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter

  3. Sounds lovely. I really like Las Iquanas but not taken my little one there yet. I think I will take him over xmas now.....I really want Mexican :-) #twinklytuesday

  4. Wow that look amazing!! ive already eaten but your making me hungry again! haha! thanks for sharing! Suz x

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