Review: Vidisan eye drops

Eye drops wouldn't normally be something I would use or even keep in the house. 

It's just not a product I've thought much about.

Until the email popped into my inbox to review a product called Vidisan.

Vidisan claims to calm & soothe irritated eyes, which can occur daily from anything from chlorine in swimming pools to the wind (and boy have we had some wind!) with a unique combination of povidone to form a protective layer which retains moisture on the surface of the eye and euphrasia which alleviates external eye irritation due to external factors such as wind and pollen.

Until now, we've not really had any irritated eyes from the children but P suffers terribly with sore eyes through tiredness and about 1000 different allergies. 

We've attempted treating them the allergy route with anti-histamines, which seem to clear up other symptoms but never the eye irritations, so  when I heard about Vidisan I thought maybe we needed to start treating the eye issue separately!

He has been using the drops as and when his eyes are feeling dry and itchy, which is most evenings and has been amazed at the relief immediately after using the drops, which see's him right through the evening.

Research conducted by Vidisan reveals that a lot of parents are getting caught with irritated eye family traumas as just a quarter of us (me included!) don't think to keep eye drops as part of our first aid kit; and yet it is not just our children who get it. The research revealed that over a third of men complained of foreign bodies entering their eyes whilst gardening or playing sport.

Since we received the Vidisan we have had 2 events of eye trauma within the family.

I had an moment of stupidity when cooking dinner one night and whilst chopping fresh chilli I forgot myself and wiped my eye.


Now, if you have ever touched your eye even hours after chopping chilli and several hand washes, you will know IT HURTS. 

So imagine how much it hurts whilst you are still chopping and haven't yet washed your hands?


I was like a mad woman screaming. I actually thought my eye-ball was melting away.

I ran to the tap, chucking water aimlessly at my face before P stepped in and shouted 'Use the Vidisan!'

YES! The eye-drops! I'd forgotten in my panic they were there.

P popped a drop in each eye and within seconds the pain was relieved.

Literally, just like that.

Then at the weekend, we went out on THE windiest day going. Most local events had been cancelled because of weather warnings, but we decided to brave it and head to the Birmingham Christmas market.

The wind was so bad, debris and grit were flying EVERYWHERE and poor old BB was victim to some flying right in his eye.

We managed to clear his eye at the time fairly quickly but he was so upset and couldn't open his eye fully for a long time afterwards.

We didn't think much more of it until he woke up the next day and his eye was red, swollen and half closed.

The grit must have scratched his eye and all of the rubbing he did at the time really took it's toll.

Again, we reached for the Vidisan.

He is a bit of a wimp when it comes to most things so he immediately panicked at the thought of drops in his eye but after a little gentle persuasion we managed to drop some in the corned of each eye, whilst he kept his eye closed. He then opened them and blinked lots to work the drops into his eye.

This method worked perfectly and he very happily had another drop in his other eye.

His eye improved lots over the next half an hour with the redness going down and his eyes opening a little wider.

I wish I had managed to get before and after pictures to show, but obviously at the time, your priority is to fix the problem first and foremost!

I am just so thankful we had the drops to hand and will now always make sure Vidisan is a staple in our first aid kit so we are fully prepared for other eventualities like these.

Vidisan is free from preservatives, can be used on children of any age and retails at just £4.50 for 10ml from independent pharmacies.

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