Hello January!

Christmas has been and gone.

Can you believe it?

All of that excited build up, stress and panic shopping then poof! over and done with.

Actually it was more of a fizzle than a poof.

It felt never ending with visiting all of the families and doing Christmas day all over again with each.

And as if that's not enough, I only went and had my first baby right in the middle of the chaos on 28th December so we had LL's sixth birthday to celebrate too.

We worked out, as LL and BB went to their Dad's and saw his family too, they had continuous round of presents for 6 days straight!

I do love Christmas.

But for me it starts as early as possible. A huge build up.

And then as soon a Christmas day is over, I'm done.

I can never wait to get the decorations up at the end of November and then can't wait to get them down again a month later.

I normally like to take them down early anyway ready for LL's birthday.

As another December born child (15th) I know just how it feels to have your birthday cards disappear in amongst 100 Christmas cards and all your presents wrapped in Christmas paper.

I cursed her with this rotten date to be born so I make it my mission each year to make every bit of Christmas disappear and for the day to be solely about her Birthday.

This year I was particularly keen to take them down anyway as what started as a beautifully decorated tree sat in my bay window became the bane of my life and rather bald on the bottom half thanks to BB.

I've loved spending time with the family.

I've loved having P home everyday helping out.

I've loved not having to get up early.

I've loved not having to go out in this horrible rain for the school run.

But I have loved today more than anything.

Today we are back to normal.

Today we are back in our routine.

The routine that I hate so much. But I NEED so much more.

Today my house is relatively tidy.

Today, I get to spend precious time with my little boy.

Today is quiet and peaceful.

Today there are no children squabbling.

They love being home to play with their toys.

But they missed their friends.

And they need the time away from me as much as I  need it away from them.

The dreaded school run I hate so very much gives me a reason to get out of bed and get dressed in the morning.

It gives me motivation.

Without it, the days all blend into one big lazy Sunday.

It gives structure to LBs days.

His naps have suffered over the holidays.

Today he is happy and content.

Today he napped just as he normally would after the morning school run.

Today I have prepared a proper home cooked tea.

I love junk food.

But I hate it everyday.

I need the structure of a meal plan.

I need the time whilst the children are at school and LB naps to prepare things in peace.

I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man.

But I am sick of the sight of chocolate.

I am officially so over Christmas.

And so totally loving my normality.

For a few days at least.

Stupidly, I decided to have another child born only 2 weeks after Christmas. 

An improvement on the first but still, not ideal.

Chaos will be upon us once again for LB's first birthday party.

At home.

WHYYYY did I decide to have it at home? 

No rest for the wicked huh? 

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  1. I do the same thing with my son's birthdays and other events. I always have them at home, but hate the chaos involved in having it at home.

    I also dated someone who's birthday was December 26th...talk about getting lost in a sea of Christmas presents and celebrations. -via Twinkly Tuesday


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