Being parents is hard.

Being a couple AND a parent is even harder.

It is so easy to forget each other whilst your whole life is taken up with babies & children.

And when the day is over & the children are FINALLY asleep & it is just the two of you, you are both too exhausted to do anything other than veg on the sofa watching TV.

And, even when you do have the energy to string a sentence together, the only conversations you can think of are about the children. After all, that is your day.

That is why 'Date nights' are becoming more and more popular amongst parents desperately trying to maintain themselves as a couple.

We have tried 'Date night' but it has always fizzled out. We've always had the excuse that we're tired and not bothered. Or we've run out of ideas of where to go or what to do. A meal out gets a little boring after a while. Month in month out.

Thats why #Alphabetdating is great!

It means you HAVE to be more imaginative.

You HAVE to think of things you wouldn't normally do.

It is fun. And you HAVE to stick to it each month.

Basically, you take it in turns each month to arrange a date day or night for the two of you, beginning with the letter of the alphabet you are given, starting with A and ending with Z.

Me & P will be giving this a whirl starting next month and will blog our 'dating' journey but to start you off here is a little inspiration list....

A is for
afternoon tea or
an animal encounter (at the zoo) or 
going to the aquarium.

B is for
bowling or
bike ride (hire some bikes and discover your local countryside) or 
balloon ride or 
playing bingo or
having a BBQ or 
going on a bar crawl

C is for
a comedy show or 
concert or
canal boat ride or
cottage stay or
going for coffee or
camping or

D is for
a dance class together or
dinner out or
double date

E is for
a European escape or
exploring somewhere new or
eating out

F is for
watching a football match or
going to a farm or
a childless day watching trashy films

G is for 
getaway break or 
glamping or
a ghost tour or

H is for
go on a helicopter ride or 
hiking or 
happy hour or
horse riding or

I is for
going to an ice-cream parlour or
ice-skating or
or eating Italian food

J is for
eating junk food or
going to a jazz night
getting in a jacuzzi

K is for
go to a karaoke bar or
fly a kite together or

L is for
stay in a log cabin or
go for a lakeside walk or 
lunch or
taking a lesson (cooking, dancing etc)

M is for
going on a mini break or
play mini golf or
have a his & hers massage or
going to a museum or 
murder mystery

N is for
getting a cheeking Nando's or
a nature walk

O is for
going to an outdoor gig

P is for 
having a romantic picnic together or
riding pedalo's 

Q is for
going to a pub quiz

R is for
roller disco or 
road trip or 
retail therapy

S is for
ride a segway or
have a spa day together or
day at the seaside or 
swimming or 

T is for
going to a theme park or
going to the theatre or
playing tennis

U is for
riding the underground or
going underground (Caves)

V is for
eating Vietnamese

W is for
going on a woodland walk or stay or
going to a waterpark or
going wine tasting

X is for

Y is for 
yoga class

Z is for
going to the Zoo or
doing a zip wire

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