Easter egg round-up: My top picks for Adults, teens & children.

Shopping for Easter eggs can be a total minefield. 

There are just SO many out there to choose from, and whilst choice is great, it can be a little over whelming.

I have spent many an hour (It feels like an hour at least!) staring blankly at the rows and rows and rows of eggs in the supermarkets and never being able to make a decision.

Then before I know it, its the day before Easter, I have a ton of children to buy for and the shelves are suddenly empty!!

To avoid the same dilema as me, I have put together my top picks from the 1000's out there for the adults, teens and children in your life.

Lucky you!

I generally only buy eggs for the children at Easter. Just like Christmas, it's all about the kids but us adults love chocolate no less than the children do we? So it's nice sometimes to be treated to some that is a little more sophisticated than your every day choccie bar.

No better time than Easter, right?

My sister always does an annual Easter egg hunt at her house for all the children. She puts in a lot of time and effort in organising it all every year so I always try to buy her a little something to say thank you. This Elizabeth Shaw egg is just perfect for her.

In amongst bright bunny and chick adorned eggs lining up the supermarket shelves, this egg stands out as a much more 'grown up' egg. 

It is bigger than your average and looks much more luxurious. 

I don't know many children who like mint chocolate, so you can be sure this one won't be pinched by little hands! 

You and only you will get to indulge all of this deliciously dark, honeycomb & mint egg. 

Preferably in peace and quiet with a cup of tea.

Ok, that part might be pushing your luck slightly!!

I love the pretty cut out front which offers a sneaky peak through to the huge golden egg sat inside. 

The lantern look and ribbon tie handle just add to the overall luxurious feel to the  egg.

And the taste is no different, living up to the expectations of the look. 

It also comes with 12 dark mint crisp chocolates. Perfect for an after dinner nibble. 

This egg has RRP of £10 and is available in Asda, Waitrose & Ocado b

It also comes in milk orange crisp and famous names whiskey flavours. 

Look no further than Cadburys! 

Tried & tested winners with everyone, Cadburys IS Easter to me.

As soon as I see their creme eggs & mini eggs creeping in the shops as early as February, I get excited for Easter.

They have a massive range of eggs in all your children's favourite treats from chocolate buttons for the littlest to mini Oreos for something a bit different. 

And they have something to suit every budget. But of course, the quality we know and love Cadburys for is never compromised! 

And I love that they still have the chick on the egg which fills me with nostalgia and memories of Easter for me as a child. 

As they children get lots of eggs at Easter, I tend now to put them together a little basket with lots of smaller chocolates in. 

Cadburys have that covered too with things from these little bunnies and egg 'n' spoons to their Easter chocolate bars. 

The smaller chocolates are also great for egg hunts and Easter baking!

The Cadburys Easter range ranges in price from 58p right through to £10 ish and are available at all leading supermarkets. 

For the trendy teen in your life, who wants fun bright eggs still but not cartoon covered kiddy eggs, Monty Bojangles range is Perfect. 

Bright & funky looking with fun, luxurious flavour combinations.

And indeed they are, as stated, curiously moreish! 

Each box contains an egg and a packet of cocoa dusted truffles. 

These eggs and truffles are so rich and chocolatey, they are definitely one for the real chocolate lover in your life. 

There are 4 flavours to choose from but the Flutter scotch is my firm favourite. 

The truffles are to die for. Filled with rich chocolate, sea salt pieces to enhance the flavours and tiny crunchy pieces of buttery butterscotch. 

The truffles collection eggs have an RRP of £6 and are available along with other Monty Bojangles chocolates from waitrose and morrisons.  

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