Review: BRIO stacking clown

Recognise this toy?

You more than likely will do either from your own baby days or your own child's.

This toy has been entertaining children since 1955 and the design has barely changed a bit in those 61 years!

Can you believe it?

I can! I'm a firm believer that when something is good, why change it?

Because it just doesn't need to.

Sometimes, toys just need to be simple, good, educational fun.

This toy ticks all the boxes without over complicating itself.

It is wooden and sturdy. 

It is chunky for little chubby fingers.

It is bright & eye-catching.

And it is educational.

BRIO just get it right from the word go. A real name you can rely on for quality.

Daniel Mauritzsen, Brio toy designer, says in his own words:

"We have four key rules that I base my work on. Toys should be safe to play with, they must comply with BRIO's high quality standards, they must be intuitively easy for the child to understand - and they must help the children grow through play."

This stacking clown helps teach primary colours & sequencing skills and develops fine motor-skills like grasping and hand-eye co-ordination.

The Brio stacking clown is therefore perfect for toddlers 12 months +.

LB is 14 months old, so is a at just the right age for this toy. 

His favourite toy before now was his stacking blocks, so he definitely favours a traditional toy that challenges him over the more modern, plastic character toys he has.

He didn't however have stacking rings yet so I was keen to try out the clown with him.

As predicted, LB loved the toy and can be added onto the long list of children who have loved this toy over the past 61 years.

He couldn't wait to get it out of the box and got straight to work on getting the rings off and putting them back on again - fitting in with Daniel Mauritzsen's aims of a toy being intuitively easy for a child. I didn't have to show LB what to do, he just intuitively new!

At the moment, LB is just loving getting the rings over the base, but in time, we will be able to take this challenge further by teaching him to put them back on in order again.

And whilst this toy is made to be played with and played with it shall, it's wooden, clean, simplistic and bright design means it is one of those toys you just have to display!

Perfect for a Nursery shelf for all to see rather than plonked in a toy box.

(Plonking in a toy box is not a good idea anyway, I learnt that lesson before it ended up on the shelf. The rings got everywhere and we had a mad search for them in the bottom of the box!)

And perfect as a gift for anyone expecting a new baby or baby's first birthday.

The Brio stacking clown is available from a wide range of shops which can be found here:
RRP £13.99

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