Review: Carlton kids press out & play Dinosaurs book

Did you see our recent trip to London?

If you did you'll know that 4 year old LB is currently learning all about Dinosaurs at school at the moment and is SO into it, we decided to take him to see them at the Natural History Museum.

The topic at school has come about because all of the boys are obsessed & surprisingly (because I have a girly 'My little pony obsessed girl) the girls in the class are too. 

And it is clear to see that when a child is interested in a particular topic, they are more likely to learn.

They've been using Dinosaurs in everything from literature to maths, involving them in counting and sums.

They even had an open afternoon in the school where the parents went in and helped their child make a clay dinosaur and various other activities.

It was obvious just how much they all loved the dinosaurs and how much they were like little sponges, reeling off a ton of facts and names of dinosaurs to me.

So when I had the opportunity to review some Carlton kids books I just new the range of dinosaur ones they do would be perfect!

I made the mistake of telling LB they were coming and he asked me every single morning when the postman was bringing them. He was tooooo excited for their arrival.

This particular book is £5.99 and features 6 dinosaur models to pop out and make, which I think is an amazing price as you get a book, an activity to make and games to play with them after all for that cost. You couldn't buy 6 individual models for that cost.

The first thing that struck me about the book is the quality. The pages are all really thick paper, more like card. It's the same paper as the models are on throughout the whole book. 

There was no worry that the models might be flimsy or get broken easily in play or that you would rip them trying to pop them out. The paper is just so sturdy and strong.

The first pages of the book explain how to make the dinosaurs & give you little tips for the more trickier parts of some of the models.

And then you get 6 pages, one for each dinosaur, featuring lots of facts & figures from size stats to what they ate.

Then you are onto the pop-out model pages. One page per dinosaur with 3 or 4 parts to press out and fold along the lines clearly indicated.

This part was a little tricky just because you can't take the pages out so the parts close to the spine were fiddly and LB couldn't really manage it. 

He is only 4 though so an older child would be fine.

A great thing about the models is that no glue is necessary. All of the pieces fold together using tabs and hold in place firmly.

The putting together of them was very straight forward.

There are even little extra's on some pages like eggs, a pick & magnifying glass to add to the play and a page of tree's to fully set the scene.

The book also tells you how you can paint a scene in a box to use for play which is a great further activity to carry on the fun after you have done everything in the book. 

We haven't got around to that yet but it's definitely on our list for over the holidays.

For now, LB is more than happy playing with his dinosaurs just on the floor.

And it's amazing just how much fun he had with them.

It just goes to show, they really don't need fancy animatronic dinosaurs that cost the earth and that a simple cardboard model is sufficient to create a world of play.

It's his knowledge of the dinosaurs learnt through school and the facts in the book along with his imagination that made it.

And the fact he had a hand in making the models himself.

I love this book. It covered everything that LB loves. He loves making things, he loves dinosaurs, he loves imaginative play.

It is educational and fun and encourage children to learn through play. Which is the very best way to learn.

If dinosaurs are your thing, keep your eye out for more Carlton kids dinosaur book reviews plus a competition to win your own coming soon!

In the meantime, to find out more you about this book and others you can visit the Carlton books website.


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