Review: Mr Kipling exceedingly good cakes

Everyone knows good old Mr Kipling right? 

As soon as I think of Mr Kipling, I think cake. 

It doesn't take much to make me think of cake to be honest. 

But not just any old cake.

Exceedingly good cakes no less!

And good old Mr Kipling has just launched some new delicious golden oaty cake slices perfect for elevenses. 

Or Twelveses.  

Or indeed anytimeses.

 They come in two new flavours: Cranberry & Orange and Dark chocolate & coconut. 

They are definitely winners in the taste stakes in this house. They are almost like a cross between a flapjack and a cake. Both of which I love!

The cranberry and orange orange one is so moist, with a lovely fruity sweetness whereas the chocolate & coconut is much more subtle in flavour. 

I'm not normally a dark chocolate lover but the slices contain enough to add a chocolate hit without being overwhelming or bitter. 

For the more health conscious, it is good to note that these have been developed to be much better for you than other cake slices on offer, giving a sweet but natural flavour. 

Sugars are 12% of your DRA which still puts them in red but then what cake doesn't?

Everything in moderation. Fab for a little less guilty treat. 

The slices are individually wrapped into  little snack packs, making them perfect for on the go and in lunch boxes. 

It also means there is less temptation to eat more than one!!

The new slices come in packs of four and  retail at around £1.49. 

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  1. I love a good bit of cake. My favourites are the angel slices


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