Review: Our clucking good afternoon tea at Ma Pluckers, London

On Saturday, me, P, LL & BB travelled the 116 miles to visit the big city.

Last time we went was a year ago and it was manic. We had planned far too much to fit into one day and were flitting about from one end of London to the other like headless chicken. It was cold and miserable which didn't help either!

Lesson well & truly learnt, this time we planned only a couple of things to keep us occupied with the ultimate treat being our trip to Ma Pluckers. 

We are all about the food in this family so after only having a few snacks to keep us going on the train journey down, we were well and truly ready to devour what good ol'Ma had to offer at 3pm.

We actually ended up getting there early as we weren't sure how far out it was and wanted to be sure we got there on time.


Tucked away on the very aptly named Beak Street, Ma Plucker's is situated in hip & happening Soho, not far out at all! It is right off regent street and next to Carnaby street, so the perfect stop off for shoppers and a stones throw from theatre land.

We took our chances to see if we could get our table half an hour earlier than our booking and we were lucky, the staff were very accommodating and didn't hesitate to let us have a seat earlier than planned.


It looks small from the outside but it's deceptive. It is cosy but the tables are big. Not one of those places where they cram you all in for maximum covers.


Although there is no specific children's menu's at Ma Pluckers, they are most certainly very welcomed.

As soon as we entered the girl who was seeing us to our seat, chatted away to the kids and grabbed them a colouring sheet each and some crayons.

She was clearly used to children and chatted to them on their level, which was lovely.

So often the children get ignored by staff in restaurants and all of the conversation is aimed at the adults or they are merely seen as an inconvenience being there.


As soon as you enter Ma Pluckers, you feel relaxed and its family friendly atmosphere shines through with it's feature wall full of children's colourings.

BB's & LL's pictures are now proudly on there somewhere!

Aside from the family feel, this place oozes retro chic with it's 60's tiles, orange & yellow walls and 50s pin up chicken logo. 

But in amongst the busy contrasting sixties patterns, it still manages to maintain its 'no fuss' feel.


Ma Plucker's do chicken. And they do it clucking well! 

It's not just any old chicken. Oh no!

It's soul food.

Food for your soul.

Comfort food.

Food of the deep south.

The main menu features chicken in every which way you can think from Crispy coated, buttermilk dipped to pulled slow and low.

But don't panic if you aren't so down with the chicken love. There is a 'Crack n Cheese' deep fried mac n cheese burger which looked to die for!!! 

However, we were there Saturday to try out Ma's afternoon tea.

Now, when you mention afternoon tea it can make you think of a stuffy formal setting, most suited to members of the WI, with fine bone china out and finger sandwiches.

Do you think I'm mad enough to let my kids loose with bone china?

Do you think my kids would be happy with a finger salmon sandwich?

Big fat NO on both counts there.

Ma Plucker's afternoon tea, is afternoon tea with a  southern twist. 

And whilst I'm sure the traditional British afternoon tea are lovely for a treat now and then, they are definitely not me. 

I would spend the entire time stressing that the children weren't behaving appropriately and wouldn't relax or be myself.

Not at Ma's. Ma's made me feel like I could have sat and casually chatted the afternoon away with P whilst the children happily coloured away and scoffed their way slowly through the mammoth pile of food in front of them.


Now THIS ^^ is my kinda afternoon tea.

So much more fun for the kids....and the adults.

Burgers in place of finger sandwiches. Donuts, chocolatey eggs & cherry pies in place of scones & sponges. And iced tea in place of your tradition rosy lee.

The iced tea came in a choice of lemon or cranberry and the adults get an added bonus with the option of booze added into theirs. Nice touch Ma!

The kiddies opted for no chilli sauce on their burgers, which the staff happily sorted for us.

But the chilli glaze and the chipotle sauce were THE best bit about it all for me.

When it first came, I was sooooo hungry, I thought it didn't look like there was too much there.

But my goodness, looks are deceptive. It was so filling.

And that egg. Oh my. THAT EGG.
 White chocolatey-ness covered in cornflakes. Whoever invented that is a genius. The kids said it tasted like ice-cream and BB even ate his like one, holding the egg cup like a cone whilst licking the egg.

It was ALL oh so very delightfully yummy!

Having a sweet tooth my favourite was the mini doughnuts with caramel sauce but P was all over that cherry pie like a rash! He ate his own and the kids two as they were too full to eat it.

Every day since we returned from London, when I've asked the kids what they want for tea, guess what the answer has been?

"Chicken on a Waffle please!" or "Mini Burgers please", "And a cornflake egg for pudding!"


Me & LL have now decided we are in Ma's club and are totally cool & hip enough to be one of Ma's girls. 

Maybe she'll share her secret recipes with me now?

Or maybe I'll leave it to the experts & book in to visit again next time we're in town. P is desperate to try some of the chicken skin gravy!


You can find Ma Pluckers at 75 Beak street, London, W1F 9SS.

The afternoon tea is served Monday to Friday from 3pm - 6pm and weekends from 12pm to 6pm and is priced at £16.50 each.

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