World book day: The stickman trail & activities

I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'M STICK MAN, that's me.

Ever since we all sat down as a family at Christmas to watch the BBC's animated version of the Julia Donaldson book 'Stick Man', it has been a firm favourite in this house.

We were already all fans of Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler having read many of their books from 'The tallest giant in town' to 'A squash and a Squeeze' and I've lost count of the amount of times they have watched the other BBC animations of the Gruffalo & Room on the Broom.

The rhyme & repetition of the books means that they know nearly all of them word for word now.

And yet again, the illustrations are beautiful.

The children love to look through them finding characters they recognise from other books popping up in them.
As the warmer weather is trying to push through now we are officially in Spring, we decided it was time to get out and about and try out the Stick Man trail.

The trails are dotted all over the country in various forests but we visited our local at Birches Valley in Cannock Chase.

The trail is totally free but parking for the day at the visitor centre costs £4 for the full day and you can buy an activity pack from GoApe costing £3 each. 

Not a bad day out keeping all 5 of us entertained for that!

The packs contained a sheet with puzzles and questions, with the answers being on boards around the trail, some sheets to do bark rubbings & a stick man rubbing from a plaque along the way, some pipe cleaners, a pencil and a crayon.

I didn't expect much from the trail to be honest. With it only being some boards on a walk, I thought the children might lose interest quite quickly but knew they would enjoy the fresh air anyway.

How wrong was I!

They excitedly ran from board to board, leading the way the entire way around.

They read each board aloud, learning facts about woodland and animals, filling in the answers in their activity books and doing the mini activities it says to do on each board from making a stick nest to building a stick towers, making a leaf flag and doing 10 star jumps.

Not only did the trail get them active physically but also activated their imagination and promoted story telling.

What makes Birches Valley extra special too, near the end of the tail is a fairy forest which the children love.

A little area in the woods is home to fairy houses carved out into the trees. 

There were tiny carved bridges, steps and doors to open.

Behind the doors you can leave a penny for the fairies and make a wish.

The woodland floor is covered in sparkly confetti and their is a special area in the middle where you can peg up letters to the fairies.

At the end of the trail there was a 'family tree' where you can hang your own Stick Men made with sticks and the pipe cleaners included in your activity pack.

We collected lots of sticks along the way but decided to bring them home to make the following day.

Armed with our 'Y' shaped sticks, a glue gun, googly eyes & some felt we each made our own stick man.

I love how they utilised some of the pines for hair.

LGs stick man & lady were very fashionable indeed!

We also downloaded the certificate available on the forestry website which the children proudly took to school with their stick men for show and tell.

We have since found a lovely reading of the book by Julia Donaldson on YouTube which we have watched together and the children have made their own Stick Man stories using their own stick men.


  1. Stick Man is the best. Sounds like the trail and activity pack made it into a magical walk. I like the look of the fairyland woods. So sweet. #CountryKids

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I am so in love with the fairy house and that little door and stairs! I want to go there just to play with the stairs! #CountryKids

  3. What a fab day out for all of you, the Julia Donaldson trails have definitely been a hit with kids but I think this one's been the biggest so far. It's great that it really sparked the imagination in all of you and had the kids running from one activity to the next. Those Fairy Trees are fantastic, I might have to try and get Farmer Nick out in our fairy garden being creative making something like that! Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  4. Love your stickmen! We are off to one of the trails with school this week - Monkey is so excited #CountryKids


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