Review: The Arla B.o.B (Best of both) fat free milk challenge

The lovely people of Arla recently got in touch with me to tell me about a brand new fat-free skimmed milk called Arla B.o.B (Best of both) - which they told me has all the benefits of drinking skimmed milk, with the taste of semi-skimmed (without tasting watery and artificial!)

The offered me the challenge of swapping my semi-skimmed or full-fat milk for one week to see how it compared.

Well, I am never one to pass up a challenge and I was intrigued to know if their claims were true so I jumped at the chance to try some and swap for the week!

Arla B.oB is fat-free, pasteurised, filtered and enriched with protein and thanks to Arla's unique PurFiltre process it also lasts longer in the fridge.

Healthy, tasty & lasts longer - this seems too good to be true right?

How do they do it?

Arla say "The simple yet brilliant process took 3 years to develop and sees naturally occuring protein carefully added back to skimmed milk to boost its flavour and texture. Free from artificial ingredients and additives, it's this extra protein which makes Arla B.o.B taste so good"

So let's see what we thought...

Challenge One - Our cup of tea!

I maybe started with the biggest challenge of all.

We are a family of big tea drinkers. Fussy tea drinkers at that. Tea connoisseurs almost.

We know what we like and we don't like change. 

Right temperature, right tea bag, brewed for the right time, and right MILK!

My mum is the fussiest of the lot so I thought I'd try it on a day she was over and not tell her.

She had two cups of tea and never mentioned a thing so I told her what we'd put in. She was most shocked. She never noticed a difference and happily drank another 5,000 cups with Arla B.o.B before leaving.

She even said she was going to go out and buy some for herself!

Me nor P have noticed a difference from our normal semi-skimmed all week. 

A big tick for the first challenge.

Challenge Two - Breakfast!

The whole family have cereal every morning so this is another biggy. 

The children don't need to convert to a fat-free milk at their age and regardless of the outcome of this challenge I would keep them on their full-fat milk but I gave them some without telling them for research purposes to see if they would notice a difference.

Lo & behold - they didn't.

I then tried it myself on my shredded wheat and it was just like my usual bowl I have every other morning using semi-skimmed.

Another big tick for Arla B.oB.

Challenge 3 - On it's own, a glass of milk!

I'm not a big milk drinker so this one was down to P to try out.

There's not much to say other than, yes you guessed it, there was no difference!

You can even tell from the colour, normally skimmed milk looks as watery as it tastes. This glass of milk looks like a semi or full-fat milk.

Challenge 4 - Cooking

I use milk more than I thought in cooking.

Over the week I had swapped my semi-skimmed for Arla B.o.B I used it a few times in mashed potato and once in a cheese sauce.

The mash tasted as lovely and creamy as it normally does and again, no difference here.

The cheese sauce was a worry. There's no hiding in a cheese sauce. Use the wrong butter and your screwed, would it be the same using a different milk?

Absolutely not! Perfect cheese sauce wa created, again with its usual lovely creamy taste.

The Arla B.o.B challenege was a success and got 10/10 for all challenges we set.

It is definitely something I would buy in place of my semi-skimmed milk from now on.

Arla B.o.B is available from Tesco, Asda, Ocado, Sainsbury's & Nisa nationwide and RRP is £1.50 for 2 litres, £1 for 1 litre.

Take the Arla B.o.B challenge for yourself. 

Can you taste a difference?


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