Review: Chiquitos new menu!

I have been to chiquito's quite a few times in the past but many years ago when I lived near by to one, long before the children came along. 

I used to love it but the closest one to us here is a bit of a drive away so not as easy to spontaneously pop in for a bite to eat.

So when they contacted me about reviewing their new menu, I was keen to go and try it out as a family.

I love Mexican food and the children are just starting to get more adventurous with their tastes so we were all excited.

We decided to go swimming that day which worked very well as the fun pool was across the road from a Chiquito's.

The perfect pit stop after working up an appetite!

The chiquito's we attended was situated at Bentley Bridge, Wolverhampton, on a retail park with lots of other restaurants and shops. 

As I remembered from many years ago, the interior of every one oozes with a chilled out Mexican vibe.

(We went at an odd time after our swim - 4pm - hence it being uber quiet, but it did start to fill up as we were leaving at 'normal teatime')

Hola Amigo's....

LB got right into the Mexican spirit and donned a sombrero for the meal! 

(There was a large selection tucked down by our seats. I'm not sure if they are meant for guests but once the kids saw them, that was it, they wanted them!)

Once seated we were brought a little bowl of popcorn to munch down on whilst browsing the menu.

They didn't last long! 

I was amazed the kids gobbled them up so fast as they were spiced like curry or something but they loved them.

We were also brought 2 kiddy packs to keep the older two entertained. 

Always a hit here!

And we were all loving the fun little moustaches for our straws!

The perfect accessories for these Rainbows & Dreams Mocktails.

I think they are supposed to be for older children but as soon as they saw the picture of it, they wanted it. 

It just looks so impressive doesn't it?

And it was a rather tasty combination of cranberry juice & orange juice too.

ALL of the new menu sounds delicious.

So delicious it's kinda impossible to choose what to have!

The children were easy.

The children's menu is pretty straight forward favourites including fish fingers, sausages, burger & pizza with a choice of sides, dessert and drink for £4.95.

There is also now a young persons menu which features slightly more adventurous dishes like fajitas, enchiladas and tacos. 

Again these include a choice of side, dessert and drink and is only £7.95.

I think this is a great addition to their menu's, one which I know my 12 year old niece would love to order from. 

Quite often in restaurants the children's portions are too small but the adult portions too big. She also has more grown up tastes so fancies the adult options over the traditional kiddies choices.

My littlies however were more than happy with their chicken, chips and beans/ salad with mini milk lolly for dessert!

I was also very impressed that the brought a big bowl of ketchup out as standard without having to ask.

This place knows kids well!!!

After much pondering me and P finally opted for the Street food where you can choose 3 or 6 different small dishes to share.

This was perfect for us as we got to have a little try of lots of things that feature as full mains on the menu.

And there was so much choice, 14 different options to be precise, we still had the agonising decision over which 6 to choose!

All of the dishes were beautifully presented on wooden boards and garnished well.

And all were so fresh & vibrant.

We eventually chose:

Tortilla stack - Beef chilli (You can choose bean chilli if you are veggie!) layered with melted mozarella between soft tortillas baked in a tomato sauce and topped with sour cream and pink onions.

Fiesta Salad - A light salsa of cucumbers, chilli beetroot, orange, pomegranate and pineapple then garnished with fresh red chilli and coriander.

This option was a controversial one!

I really wanted the salad but P, being the man he is was not so down with the healthy rabbit food.

I won (obvs) and we ordered.

And guess who gobbled the most of it up?

YES. Turned out P loved it. A lot.

Mini classic burrito - Classic chicken burrito topped with homemade guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream.

Meatballs in a tomato and hot habanero sauce.

They were delicious. I love hot food so that habanero sauce really hit the spot for me.

After P stole most of the fiesta salad, I sneakily scoffed the extra meatball!

Empanada's - Crispy parcels filled with your choice of spicy chicken, roasted veg and feta or beef chilli.

We chose the chicken which was delicious.

Sweet chorizo croquettes - Croquettes filled with chorizo, sweetcorn and onion served with a sweet jalapeno jelly.

That jelly. Nom. 


A choice of 6 costs £23.95.

For P, sharing these mini dishes wasn't quite enough to fulfil him so we ordered a side of chips to go with them which seemed satisfy him.

The only thing I would say is that the options where two were given like the emapanadas and croquettes were much easier to share than where you got one like the tortilla stack and burrito.

And maybe 4 meatballs would have been better than 3. But that's mainly because I enjoyed them so much and could have eaten them all :)

The whole meal including drinks and desserts for the children cost us £55 for 5 of us which I thought was great value for money.

The food was super tasty, the staff were pleasant and helpful and it was very child friendly - Total winner for this family!

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  1. Looks delicious. Will need to take the family there to try out. Great idea introducing the young persons menu as perfect for my daughter


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