Review: Trutex school uniforms

School uniforms are probably one of the most important purchases you will ever make for your children. 

I remember how excited I was buying their first ever uniforms and how adorably teeny they looked toddling off for their very first day. 

Get it wrong and you will find yourself constantly replacing items as the year goes on. We have already had to replace BBs trousers twice since September due to holes in his knees and LLs Cardigan which shrunk too much in the wash!

Children wear their uniforms more than they do their normal clothes. 6+ hours a day, 5 days a week. It's a tough old life being a school uniform! They go through A LOT in just one week at school....

My Sunday evenings are taken up with a pile of school ironing, folding them all up neatly for the week ahead. 

Monday morning comes around and they look so clean and smart. 

But after play times and afterschool where you shout at them 10,000 times over to get changed which they promptly ignore as they rush into the garden to play regardless, they start to look a little dishevelled!

By the end of the week their poor uniforms have everything from paint to spaghetti bolognese splatter across them!

Then at the end of every day when they get ready for bed and the uniforms are lovingly *ahem* thrown across the back of the chair ready for the next day. 

And the before we know it they're in a pile to be washed on Saturday ready to be ironed again on Sunday and the whole process begins again. 

See how important it is that you chose the best quality uniforms from the outset? 

So I was over the moon to be given the opportunity to try out Trutex school wear for review. 

Trutex are a brand that you can trust to make school wear that lasts, giving you real value for money. 

And that is the exact reason Trutex are the UKs leading school uniform and sportswear brand. 

When I mentioned to my mum we were reviewing Trutex she new of them instantly. Apparently we used to wear their uniforms as kids all those years ago and she always loved their quality.

A good sign when a brand is still going strong 30 years later. In fact, they began 150 years ago!!!! 

The uniform items I chose to review were: 

Junior classic fit trousers in charcoal 

Polo shirts in white

Crew neck sweatshirt in claret

Junior stitch down pleat skirt in Harrow grey

Sweat cardigan in claret

For me, a uniform needs to be comfortable and durable to put up with the children's day to day life. 

An important factors for us is fit. 

I struggle to find trousers specifically that fit BBs tiny waist and bottom.

I bought a load of trousers at the start of the year that didn't fit his waist which I ended up exchanging for the more expensive ones with an adjustable side button waist.

 I also struggle with his leg length. The smaller size is too short and the next size up is far too long. 

When the Trutex ones arrived and they didn't have the side adjuster on, I was a little worried. But I needn't have been. They fit him perfectly! They have a nice slim waist which is elastic ages to grow with him slightly. 

LLs skirt did feature the side button adjuster so with a little adjustment, this fits perfectly too. 

Another biggy is how well they wash. I seem to spend my life washing, drying and ironing them so they need to fair well in this test. 

LL & BB have had uniforms in the past that bobble and fade really easily when washed a few times. 

These Trutex ones have been put to the test about 8 times in the last 4 weeks and are currently showing no sign of bobbling, shrinking, loss of shape or colour. 

My biggest chore hate, and to be honest, I hate them all, but the one I hate the most is the dreaded ironing. Especially pleats!

Luckily for me, LLs skirt held its pleats really well after washing and they barely needed ironing. I could totally have gotten away with not ironing it at all to be honest!

Another bug bear with uniforms is with new sweaters and sweat cardigans that shed fluff from the Inside onto their polo shirts underneath. And do you think you can easily brush off dark maroon fluff from a bright white shirt easily? No! 

The Trutex ones had no shedding whatsoever, much to LLs delight. 

We are lucky that LL & BBs school allow plain sweaters with no logo on, but I know that some schools insist you have everything logo'd. 

Trutex do offer an option to customise their sweatshirts with their embroidery and bashing service. 

Overall Trutex offer great uniforms which you can rely on for quality, comfort and durability as well as great value for money. 

To find your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform please visit

*Disclaimer: These uniforms were gifted to me for the purpose of review but all of the opinions above are my own and true*

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