Review: Wing Yip fried rice sauce inc a recipe for egg fried rice

If not, pop over & take a peak!

Not only will you discover a new yummy recipe, it'll fill you in on all Wing Yip low down.

But basically, Wing Yip really want to encourage people to start cooking authentic oriental dishes in their own home using their very easy cooking ingredients & sauces.

Today I have cooked with Wing Yip's fried rice sauce.

I'll be honest, I've never heard of a fried rice sauce. 

I make my own egg fried rice a lot, but have always just used soy sauce & a stock cube to flavour & colour it.

The Wing Yip sauce is a soy sauce mix that adds in a few extra ingredients to enhance the flavours like garlic, ginger & black pepper.

The bottle states "Rice is a critical part of any Chinese meal and fried rice dishes are often served at the end of a traditional Chinese banquette, incorporating rice, meat & vegetables to create a complete dish"

My kids LOVE rice dishes so I often make it from leftovers of cooked meat & vegetables to create a complete meal for them that is healthy & filling. A great way to get vegetables into them!

"Wing Yip Chinese fried rice sauce can be used in rice dishes containing any type of meat including pork, chicken & beef. It can also be used in rice dishes containing mushrooms and vegetables to create a delicious vegetarian meal"

So basically, you can chuck in anything you fancy. Anything you like or have lurking around in the fridge. Just add this versatile sauce and you have a dish full of flavour.

Wing Yip also add a very handy recipe to the side of the bottle so you know exactly how much to add to your rice and how best to serve it.

Here is the dish I made for the children.

I added their favourites - Chicken and peas and sliced up an omelette which was a fab suggestion from the bottle.

Normally I fry the rice then make a well in the middle where I pour a beaten egg and cook it like a scrambled egg before mixing it into the rest of the rice.

This was was so much easier! 

This recipe serves 2.

1 onion, diced (I didn't put this in the children's as they don't like it!)
400g cooked rice
2 diced chicken breasts, cooked
1 cup of frozen peas
2 tbsp Wing Yip fried rice sauce
2 eggs, beaten

1. Sauté the onion in a hot wok with a little oil.
2. Add the cooked rice.
3. Add your cooked chicken (or meat of your choice) & peas (or veg of your choice) together with the Wing Yip fried rice sauce.
4. Whilst that heats up, add your beaten egg to another pan with a little melted butter. Cook for a few minutes before flipping and cooking the other side for a few minutes. Remove the omelette and slice into strips before stirring into the rice.
5. Cook until everything is warmed through and serve.


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