Kids in the garden: Biodegradable seed pots

When I heard that LarabeeUK was holding a Kids in the garden blog hop, I new instantly I wanted to be involved.

We all love being in the garden and I take great pride in making it look nice throughout the summer months. 

My love has clearly rubbed off on the children as they take a real active roll with planting and growing and get the same amount of pride as I do when their little seedlings turn into beautiful flowers or delicious fruit & vegetables.

Last year we did all sorts from planting up wellies, watering cans and hanging jars to upcycling CDs into sun catchers and an old TV unit into a garden planter/ storage unit.

We planted runner beans, pumpkins, sunflowers & wild flowers seeds amongst lots of other plants.

I cannot wait until the garden is in full bloom and looking lovely again.

But of course, we can't run before we can walk. All flowers/ fruit/ vegetables need to start somewhere. From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow and all that jazz.

So, to get us started, we need to get planting those seeds.

This year we have chosen runner beans again (you cannot beat home grown runners!), peas, sweet peas (mmm, that smell!), corn and sunflowers (it has become an annual competition between the children now!)

We recently went to the local parks 'Seed Sunday' where they showed us how to make these newspaper seed pots and I just love them so much I thought I'd share them with you too.

There are a few little gadgets on the market from around £10 upwards that you can use to make newspaper pots (we used one at a local farm a few years back) but doing it this way, absolutely no gadgets are needed. Just a bit of clever folding and bobs your uncle!

The great thing about these is that not only are they cheap, using up old newspapers you have lying around, they are also biodegradable meaning you can germinate your seeds in them and then plant the whole thing into the ground, pot and all, when they are ready to go into the garden - the pot will simply decompose into the soil and means the little delicate roots don't get disturbed.

Initially, these may be a little tricky to make, but once you've done one you'll have the hang of it and the rest will be super easy. My two children, 4 and 6, easily followed my instruction to make their own.

The best way to learn to make them is to watch it being done so I have made a little tutorial video. Please excuse the dirty nails - they are gardeners nails! - I had been busy planting in the garden before doing to video. 

For reference, there is also a step-by-step picture guide below.

Once you have made your pots, simply fill with soil and your seeds and water your soil enough to moisten it but not saturate. 

The children are a little heavy handed with the watering part and we have previously ended up with rotten seeds that do not germinate so I have found using a little spray bottle works much better!

Handy tip: If you put the filled, watered pots into a sealed sandwich bag and pop onto a sunny windowsill, the bag will hold in the heat and help the seed germinate quicker. Once a shoot begins to appear, take out of the sandwich bag and water regularly.

If all of this seems like a lot of hard work or you have younger children that maybe wouldn't manage to make the origami pots, there is an alternative. 

Miracle gro gro-ables are biodegradable pots that go straight into the ground in the same way as the newspaper ones. 

They are obviously a more expensive way than the newspaper pots but are a little less effort and come complete with the soil and feed needed to get them going. 

With the instructions literally being to push into loose soil or compost and water daily, these couldn't be easier and were a job for 15 month LB! 

Gro-ables are available in a huge variety of herbs, fruit and vegetables and are available from most garden centres for around £1.99. 

For more info please visit

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  1. Your garden looked gorgeous last year, I'm sure it will this year too! I love the recycled plant pots such a great idea to use origami! Thanks for joining us on #kidsinthegarden xx

  2. I love your newspaper seed planters. What a great upcycling project and the perfect material too. I hope you'll join me for Trash 2 Treasure, it would be perfect.

    1. Thanks for joining me, such a great newspaper use.

  3. I love the origami seed pots - what a fantastic idea! It sounds like your garden is going to be full of colour and produce! Great to involve children in planting and caring for seeds :) #KidsintheGarden

  4. I love the seed pots, they look fab and your garden is truly gorgeous. I love seeing kids get into the gardening too, knowing how to grow plants (and food!) is an important skill! Thanks for linking up to #HowtoSunday :) x


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