Review: Carlton kids build your one HUGE T-Rex book

You may already know, but LB is OBSESSED by Dinosaurs!

He has just completed a dinosaur topic at school and was in awe of the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum on a recent trip.

He has also been lucky enough to try out Carlton kids press out and play dinosaurs book and creativity on the go dinosaur book - both of which he absolutely loved!

This week we had the opportunity to try out the Carlton kids Build you own T-Rex by Scott Forbes.

Inside the book is everything you need to make a mega model Tyrannosaurus Rex - with no need for any extra's like scissors or glue!

The thick board pieces, press out and all slot together to make the model and the frames are then used to slot the finished model into at the end so it can stand alone.

The book features a detailed picture step-by-step guide making it easy for even little non-reader to follow.

The cover of this book does state that the model is huge and mega but I didn't quit believe just how HUGE it would be. 

It stands at an impressive 91cm tall when finished.

It truly is an incredible piece!

The chunky large pieces make it super easy for little hands to handle and means it is very sturdy when finished.

The set not only includes the model but also a 24 page book filled with facts about T-Rex, a fun quiz and stunning imagery of this king of the dinosaurs.

LB loves his model, knowing that he made it all himself makes him very proud of it.

It now stands, pride of place on his bedroom drawers for all to see (and when they do, he also tells them all of the facts he's learnt from the book!)

This Carlton build your own T-Rex book has an RRP of £19.99.

For more info please visit

*Disclosure - this book was gifted to me for the purposes of review but all opinions above are my own and true*

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