Review: Pom Pom WOW! Deluxe dip and create station

"Pom Pom WOW! is the new way to beautify your world by placing pom-poms on anything and everything! Create scenes, imagery, unique and complex shapes, messages and even custom pom-poms!"

As soon as the info landed in my inbox about the PomPomWOW! Deluxe dio and create station I new that it was right up 6 year old LLs street and jumped at the chance to review.

LL totally takes after me, in fact they all do, for creativity and a love of anything crafty.

I remember as a child myself sitting for hours upon hours making pom-poms to sew onto jumpers or hang from anything. I even made bags full of them for the schools bring and buy sale one year!

Nothing has changed over the years, and pom-poms are still as cool (kids so don't use that word anymore do they? Meaning I totally just made them uncool by saying that....) AWESOME as they ever were and kids still love them as much as I did! 

This pom-pom set is brilliant because you get all the fun of making and customising your pom-poms without the agonising hours wrapping wool around a couple of cardboard hoops!

The box contains a carry case and a bag of pieces to fit into it to make it a complete work station, with everything in one place. 

The parts were very easy to push in and the instructions were very clear on where each part should go. LL managed to do this by herself.

There are water colours, pens, sticky pads, glitter glue, pom-pom holders, stamps, a pipette, paintbrush and a colour mixing tray all ready to use to create and customise your pom-poms.

The set also includes enough pom-pom pellets to make a whopping 75 pom-poms!

And the best part of all is that it all folds up again into a little case to carry and store away.

I was surprised how compact it all is and how well it folds up without the need to take parts out or move things around. Literally fold up and go. Everything still in its place.

In terms of making your pom-poms - it really couldn't be easier....

1. Choose your colour pom-pom pellet.

2. Decorate it as you wish.

3. Add an adhesive glue dot to you pellet.

4. Choose whether you would like to place your pom-pom stick, stick down and gently lift off the outer plastic cover to reveal an awesome coloured pom-pom.

To decorate you can use the inks or dampened watercolours by sliding your pellet holder (the pink squares) into the purple holder above the water colours and inks, sliding the base along to which ever colour you want and plunging the purple holder down, pushing the pellet into the paint.

You can then pop your pink pellet holder back into the station to leave your pop-pom to dry.

You could also try mixing your colours by using the paintbrush to put some of the watercolours into the mixing tray, mixing with some water and using the pipette to suck the colour up and squeeze into the pom-pom using the pipette holder.

Once dried, you can attach your glue dots and get sticking where ever you can think of!

LL decided she would like to make some hair accessories so we started with a headband...

which turned out amazing and almost like a big fluffy crown!

And some hair clips to match.

She then decided she could add a pom-pom to her sandals where the flower that was originally on them had fallen off....

We went on to do stationery.

Pretty pom-pom pencils.

A pencil holder upcycled from a tin can, made pretty with a pom-pom 'P' for pens.

And of course, a pom-pom pencil is nothing without a pom-pom notebook to write in!

A phone case

And a photo frame.

You get the idea right?

I mean literally, the world is your pom-pom with this kit.

Me & LL got very carried away one rainy afternoon and quite honestly, if the kittens had stayed still long enough, they probably would have been pom-pom-ified too!

The joy is that each pom-pom turns out completely different and unique and that you can personalise anything, anyway you like - adding a subtle one or two pom-poms to enhance an item or going full on pom-pom crazy, completely covering an object in pom-poms.

Which incidentally is something the fun people at Pom Pom WOW! have gone and done.... on a HUGE scale, having covered an actual car entirely with pom-poms which will be touring the UK soon!

The Pom Pom Wow! Deluxe dip and create station is available from all large toyshops like The entertainer, Toys R Us & Smyths or online at for £29.99.

For more information you can find Pom Pom Wow! on Facebook, Twitter & instagram.

Pom Pom Wow! will also be taking over on on 28th May so keep your eyes peeled for that!

*Disclosure - this item was gifted to me for the purposes of a review but all opinions stated above are my own and true*

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