Review: Puppy in my pocket play park, blind bags & puppy pouch

If you have kids, you will have no doubt already heard about Puppy in my Pocket either via the cartoon or the YouTube videos - you know the ones I mean, where they open the blind bags and say things like "Oh my gaaad, that is sooo ca-ute. Totally awesome!" in a really, REALLY annoyingly high pitched American accent? Seriously, the kids are obsessed with them!!!

In fact, you may already know about them from your own childhood - puppy in my pocket has been going since the 90's!

So as you can imagine, both me and LL were very excited to have the opportunity to review the new play park, blind bags & puppy pouch to mark their return to the UK this year.

And guess what the first thing LL wanted to do with them??

That's right. Her own little YouTube video to show them off.

She wanted her own channel - which she chose the name for - and set herself up at the dining table to start. I literally held the camera and away she went.

You can tell she has watched a LOT of those YouTube video's as she quite clearly picked up some of the lingo with the puppies being 'Awesome' and ending the video with 'Like & subscribe'

She did very well though for her first video & shows them off brilliantly, so please have a little watch (And like/ subscribe!) to see what she made of the Puppy park, blind bags and puppy pouch.

As you can see, she loves them and has played with them every day since.

LL is 6 so is right slap bang in the middle of the target audience for these, which are aimed at children aged 4 - 6 years.

And they are not just for girls either. 4 year old BB has loved playing with these and has requested some of the blind bags for his Birthday.

They love the blind bags the most - they love the element of surprise - and at £2.49 they are the perfect little pocket money treat and a great way to start off their puppy in my pocket collection!

There are over 100 pups to collect and each pack comes with it's own little tick list which tells you your new pups name and breed.

LL & BB took great care ticking off which pups they had and looked to see which they had left to collect. They are both desperate to find one of the glittery ultra-rare pups next!

The dog park playset is a brilliant way to take your puppies from just a collection to a toy. It is the perfect accessory for your pups to play and gets the imagination really going. 

The set comes with two exclusive puppies - Titus the English Mastiff and Jackson the Labradoodle - who can play on the moving tire swing, slide or obstacle course. You can even feed them with a bone or give them some water from their little bowl!

The park playset is priced at £12.99.

LL's favourite though was the clip-on pouch. 

She is very proud of her little collection so couldn't wait to show them to her friends at school.

The clip-on pouch attaches to bags or coats and is the perfect accessory to take your puppies on the go.

The pouch is available is 3 different colours and also comes with 5 puppies so for only £9.99 this is great value for money for any collector.

These are a huge hit with LL and BB who just love to collect things. What kid doesn't?

I remember collecting pogs and marbles (I know - I'm old!) as a kid myself and it seems collecting is just as popular today as it was then with things from shopkins to angry birds on the market.

I think what makes puppy in my pocket stand out from these is the quality. The attention to detail is fab and the soft fuzzy like texture they have makes them feel much more expensive than they are.

The puppy in my pocket range is available from Toys R us and is soon to be joined by a brand new range of kitty in my pockets for the cat lovers amongst you!

For more info, please visit the puppy in my pocket website at

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