Review: Just Play's new Lion Guard toys

Lion Guard is an amazing TV series on Disney jnr that all of my children are currently obsessed with! They LOVE Disney's Lion King film and this series follows Kion, the youngest child of Simba, as he follows in his Dad's footsteps to protect the beautiful Pride Lands. 

If you have little ones, they are probably already as obsessed as my three?

And now Just Play have brought out a whole new range of Lion Guard toys to carry on their obsession further! 

There are toys to suit all budgets from pocket money blind bags at £2.49 to full play set fun at at £34.99.

The toys were launched in shops on 2nd July and we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Beshte's boulder catapult, Defend the Pride Land play set and blind bags.

When the arrived, the first thing 6 year old LL & 5 year old BB went for were the blind bags! I've spoken before about their love of blind bags and absolute obsession with watching video's of people opening endless amounts on YouTube. Priced at £2.49, they are the perfect pocket money buy or treat to reward good behaviour if like me, you prefer to steer clear of chocolate or food related treats.

Each bag comes with one collectable figure and a leaflet to tell you who they are and who else you can collect. There is even a limited edition rare figurine that the children are desperate to hunt down!

Whilst the older two were getting stuck into the blind bags, LB was busy discovering the endless moving parts and secret traps on the amazing Defend the Pride Lands play set. 

This  play set of the iconic Pride Lands includes an exclusive Kion figure, which has movable legs and head, and six interactive features.

There was a lot of excitement in our house discovering each and everyone and how each thing works!

[So much so, that there were so many fingers and hands into everything, it was impossible to get a photo of them all playing with it properly!]

You can capture the bad guys on the collapsing rock ledge that drops into the bone trap.

Surprise them with a drop down the secret trap leaf floor.

Or knock them down by launching a boulder at them from the top of the waterfall.

And the children's favourite feature? This motorised vine lift that the figurines can ride in at the push of a button!

The possibilities are endless with this play set and it had all children using their imagination and creating stories with the figures hiding on the tree tops to see any danger on the horizon or jumping out to scare from the waterfall. 

They literally have played with this non-stop every day, nicely all together since we received it (which believe me is a very rare occurrence!)

At £34.99, it is in the higher budget bracket but more than worth every penny.

To add to your play set and figures further there are also smaller sets comprising of a character with an accessory. We received Beshte's boulder catapult but there are three other sets available too. 

At £9.99 these are a great little add-on to extend your collection.

The children loved playing with this in addition to the Pride Lands play set, one using the boulder launcher at the top of the waterfall whilst the other used this boulder catapult for a full on boulder fight.


All of the above are available in toy shops now. More information can be found at


*Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me for the purposes of review, however all opinions stated are my own & true*

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