Back to school with BEAR snacks lunchbox fillers!

The kids are in their third week back at school already - can you believe it? 

It's gone so fast already, it'll be October half term before we know it.

But it's nice to be back in a routine and the children are loving being with their friends again.

But them being back at school does bring a few problems - namely what to put in their lunchboxes. Or in our case, what to send for snack time, as they are both in KS1, they get their lunches provided by the school.

But snacks are a different issue. The school stopped providing snacks for them after reception class. From there on in, you can send your child to school with money to buy something from the snack trolley or their own snack from home.

Up until now, I had been sending money just for ease of not having to find something to send in every day.

But it has proved to be a nightmare with lost money & purses or overspending!

I gave LL money a few pounds for the whole week last week, but when she got to the trolley, asked for toast & showed her money, the older kids who run it told her she could have more. She thought she had to have more and ended up having 2 slices of toast and a milkshake. Which I think is just too much!

Then there is the issue of the food provided not being particularly healthy with the option of those sweet american style pancakes and milkshakes on the menu. 

Now, the easy thing to do would be to send them in with a piece of fruit each. 

But life is never that easy huh? 

Both kids hate fruit.

I don't think I am the only mum out there constantly searching for snacks that the kids will willingly eat and that are truly healthy & free from hidden nasties?

That is where BEAR comes in..... 

BEAR YoYo's are lunchbox friendly snacks made from 100% pure fruit, gently baked for a tasty snack that is high in fibre, 1 of your 5 a day and free from added sugar or concentrates.

The YoYo's themselves are fun and interesting for the children, who love being able to unwind them as they eat.

And with attention to detail, BEAR has also made the packaging bright and exciting for them too & even include a little card inside each pack to collect. 

The kids love having a pack to see what card they've got alone.

But luckily the taste is yummy too. Really fruity, with a natural sweetness, and nicely chewy like a jelly sweet (the children actually do call these sweeties!)

Sweeties that Mummy will freely let them eat - who'd have thought.

A box of YoYo's contain 5 individual lunchbox packets and each individual packet includes 2 YoYo's. 

They come in strawberry, mango, apple, blackcurrant, raspberry & pineapple flavours and are priced at £2.29  a box. 

Available from all UK supermarkets as well as high street stores like Boots & Wilkinsons or online from Amazon or Ocado.

For more information and fun for the children you can visit the BEAR website at

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