Review: Peppa Pig Softee Dough Picnic Playset

The name Peppa Pig might make most parents groan and roll their eyes.

After 5000 times of watching her, she does tend to get slightly irritating huh?

But the kids bloomin' love the show & there's no getting away from that.

I've been unable to escape Peppa pig for the past 6 years, since LL was a baby. And now, today, BB is equally as obsessed as she was.

Clearly the show is still going as strong today as it was then.

That just shows it's popularity amongst toddlers. 

So when I heard Character Options were looking for bloggers to review their Peppa Pig Softee dough picnic playset, I new the most perfect Peppa & George obsessed little boy who would love it!

The playset comes complete in a sturdy little carry case which is great for storing away in and keeping all of the little pieces together.

The set contains 16 pieces - 5 different coloured doughs, a playmat, 4 character cutters, a moulding extruder, 2 extruder sliders, dough scissors, a mould tray and a sculpting tool.

It comes well packaged and has lots of room inside to add to your Softee Dough collection and means that you aren't trying to do some kind of Mary Poppins magic to fit it all back in like you have to do with many childrens toys that just never go back in the way they came out!

The mat is very thick, laminated card & is a great addition to the box - extending the play value of the set and keeping the mess contained! 

My only bug bear with it was that it came folded up and so wouldn't sit flat on the table. Nothing a bit of washi tape on the corners couldn't sort though!

Hours of fun can be had with all of the different elements to explore and create with. Moulding, rolling, cutting, scultping....

The lids of the dough pots even double up as character moulds too.

BB is slightly younger than the recommended age for this which is 3+ but he loves Peppa so much, I thought I'd give him the first try.

It was his first go with play dough too.

I think his little face does the talking...

He loved it!

BB is not normally a 'sit down and play' type of boy. 

He never sits still and has to be on the go 24/7. 

A proper boisterous boy.

Unless Peppa is on the TV or Ipad.

Then we can get a solid 15 minutes calm time from him!

This set had him happily playing for well over an hour & I think he would have carried on had his dinner not been ready.

And of course, the other two had to have a try too!

I would have put them at a little too old for this at 5 & 6 years old, but they've always loved playing with dough and so it was a great excuse for them to play with something they wouldn't normally get the opportunity to.

I think they still have play dough at school actually, because not only is it great at keeping the kids entertained and fun, but it is also fab for fine motor skill development!

Overall, I think this is a great little playset for any Peppa Pig fan out there and at just £12.99 would make a lovely Christmas gift too!

You can purchase your very own on Amazon HERE or more information you can visit the Character options website at

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