Review: Schleich horse club pick up with horse box

When I was contacted about reviewing this Schleich horse club set, I just new I had to get it.

Not only because LL loves horses, but because I new already that it would be a great quality product - which makes my reviewing super easy to do!

Schleich is renowned for its high standards and hand finished figures. 

It's company philosophy is simple - "Only the best is good enough for our child's development" - and they aim to promote their development through creativity and imaginative play, helping them to learn the lasting values which will prepare them for a joyful and positive life.

Pretty bold statement right? But something which I believe they achieve and is at the forefront of every product they make.

The contents of the box come well packaged and doesn't take much putting together at all.

The instructions are simple and 6 year old LL herself was able to follow them to put together the simple click-together pieces and apply the stickers in the right places.

When put together you have a vehicle with horse trailer as well as a female groomer, male driver, horse figurine and all accessories.

The attention to detail is incredible, with each figure having beautifully painted features, meticulously crafted elements and the horse having everything it could possibly need from hay & carrots to eat, saddle & bridle, grooming brushes & blanket.

There are also a ton of moving parts & compartments to store the accessories, exactly as there would be on a real horse box.

The box comes with a few stickers which are for specific places like headlights and number plates, but also includes lots of extra stickers you can use for decoration wherever you like.

LL decided to put some horse club stickers on the pick-up truck which looked great.

Like I said at the start of this review, I new before it arrived, based on reputation and previous experience of Schleich alone, and my assumptions were not wrong.

Schleich products tend to be a little pricier than other brands on the market but I truly believe in this case, you get what you pay for.

We have, in the past, bought cheap animal figures, and within a few weeks the paint has rubbed off and legs have been bent or snapped off. With Schleich, you know they will durable and last for years to come.

I think it is also worth noting the size of this set - it really is a great size - the pick up and horse box seem huge in comparison to other sets similar.

I am also very impressed with how realistic it all is.

LL love this set and has had hours of fun with it already. She loves creating her own stories for where to horse is off to - he's been to shows, he's been home to his stable and he's moved to a new paddock - all the while, remaing very well groomed and fed by his handler!

There are lots of other horses, accessories, vehicles and people in the horse club range which can be purchased separately to extend you set and play opportunities further.

This set can be bought from amazon HERE and the full collection can be seen at 

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