Review: U-Hugs Dolls Season 2

Now I must admit, although these U Hug dolls are already in season 2, I have never actually heard of them before.

But when I saw the pictures of them in my inbox, I new they were just the quirky sort of thing that LL loves.

So what exactly are U Hugs?

U Hugs are cool, customisable dolls that each come with their own interchangeable accessories. 

Each accessory can be pinned into any of the 16 holes on the doll. Hair and clothes come with little pins to attach. 

Each doll comes with a great selection of accessories already with it, but you can also buy additional pin packs too, so you can really go to town on styling!

There are six different dolls to collect - Sweety robot, Time Off Elf, Snowy Girl, Thorny Flower, Lazy Hero & Cheeky Kitten - each with their own different style.

LL received Thorny Flower & Sweety Robot.

And of course, the pins can be swapped between dolls so you can create your own unique style, which LL loved doing. 

And the more you collect, the more fun this would be!

These dolls are made from a soft plastic material (which reminds me of crocs shoes actually!) and are pretty indestructible.

I know this because LB wanted to join in with LL playing and when told all of the bits pull off, he proceeded to rip one of the dolls poor heads off - oops! 

It was fine, the head pops back in just as easily as the accessories, so I guess, you could even swap the heads and arms if you really wanted to make your own individual doll. 

And the bit I like best, is the handy little compartment in the back to store away any accessories you aren't using! 

I like a toy that you can keep all in one piece especially when it has such small pieces that can be easily lost OR easily found by a 1 year old menace of a brother!

Overall, both LL & LB loved these, they are perfect for their ages of 5 & 6 and they are both very keen to extend their collections.

At £14.99 I think they are a good price and would make an ideal Christmas stocking filler!

U-hug dolls are available in all major toy stores and online at Amazon HERE . For more information you can visit the Flair website at or follow U Hugs on popjam @UHugsOfficial.

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