Review: Look good this festive season with Remescar!

Being a parent is stressful.

Being a parent, playing Santa at Christmas is even more stressful.

A family & Christmas parties to juggle, burning the candle at both ends is stressful.

And the stress and strains of everyday life especially at this time of year can really start to show on your face - especially your eyes. 

Those poor tired eyes.

I am unfortunate enough to suffer from dark circles under my eyes and have done since I was a child. It's a gene my Dad seemed to pass on to all of his 3 daughters and I have passed onto mine!

So of course, over the years, I have tried a heap of different creams, concealers and colour correcters. Literally every lotion and potion available. 

But nothing really ever worked and I was at a point in my life where I was just like, this is the card I've been dealt, and I need to just accept it!

That was until I was offered the chance to try out Remescars new eye bag & dark circles.

I was told the cream uses Eyesyl, a technology developed by Sephar (the company behind Remescar) that works on 3 key actions:
~ Skin tightening
~ Decrease water accumulation
~ Micromusular-pause
This in turn effectively and immediately erases eye bags and dark circles in just two minutes.

Real life examples of before and after provided by Remescar
Real life examples of before and after provided by Remescar

Real life examples of before and after provided by Remescar

Sounds like a miracle right? It fixes eye bags and circles AND that fast? Perfect for busy mums, but perhaps too good to be true?

I was intrigued, but sceptical after my previous failed attempts to rectify my bags with supposed 'miracle cures'.

So, does it actually work?

I was pleasantly surprised by how effective the cream was!

Application was easy peasy. Just a small, grain of rice sized blob of cream rubbed gently  under each eye and left to soak in for two minutes before wiping away an residue if you happened to put slightly too much on. 

The cream is thick and comes out for the tube quite slowly so it is easy to be precise with how much you push out!

And because you only need a small amount, this little tube will go far.

Before and after

The results don't completely erase the darkness of my eyes but the cream does clearly improve and fade the appearance of them, making it a much more even base to start applying make up to and much easier to cover.

I have used this cream everyday since I've had it and it has now become a regular part of my morning routine. 

Some mornings, I have had some awful bags, but this cream reduces them instantly so I'm ready to face the world again!

Remescar eye bag and dark circles cream is now available in all major Boots UK stores or Amazon for £29.95.

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