Review: Magic dip design art centre

Today me and LL have been trying out the this magic dip design art centre. 

The Magic dip design art centre enables you to marbelise absolutely anything instantly with a cool tie-dye effect.

Both me and LL are creative and love getting crafty so we were keen to have a go with this!

Inside the box you get everything you need to set up your art centre including 6 paints (although our box only had 5 and the cap on one of those broke off and wouldn't secure back on!), glitter & gems, glossy fixing spray and gloves (correction: Glove. One. Which was a total pain trying to dip one handed. And after one session that glove is covered in hard paint so can't be used again!)

It also includes a selection of items you can dip to get you started - 2 x A7 greetings cards, 3 gift tags, charms, a headband, photo frame and bracelet.

Once your centre is set up, its pretty easy to get started.

Fill the bowl with 500ml of room temperature water.

Add a few drops of which ever colours you would like to use.

And give them a quick stir to make a swirly pattern.

When you are happy you simply use the tweezers provided to dip your item in the bowl until covered in the pattern.

Then you can sprinkle over glitter if you want to, wait for it to dry a little and then spray with the glossy spray to fix it.

So it couldn't be easier. 3 simple steps.

Once you've mastered these steps you can pretty much dip any material and you will be able to create a unique design every time. 

However, smaller items that fit fully into the bowl are much easier than the larger items.

It did take a bit of practise to get used to doing it and we did have a few sticking points along the way which shows in our items. The first one we did was the bracelet which is no where near as good as the gift tags we did last. So my first tip would be to have a practise on something a few times first.

I also think it is important to make sure you are set up well before starting too - ie. with aprons and in a well ventilated room. The paint literally sticks to anything and can get quite messy and it smells really strong!

Another thing we found was that the items where we used only 2 or 3 colours turned out much more effective than those we used all of the colours on.

My other tip would be to make sure you work quick. This is something you do get used to with a bit of practise but our first go ended disastrously because we didn't add the drops of colour quick enough so by the time we came to stir, it had set like a skin on top of the water and all stuck to the stirrer in a big clump. 

It is also vital that you make sure your water in room temperature before starting because I think the water we used firstly was too cold and affected the colours and setting rate.

Once we'd got past these few stumbling blocks it was all fairly easy and we had lots of fun creating our marbleised items.

As well as the items provided, LL decided she would like to decorate her barbie dolls house table and chairs. They turned out pretty cool!!!

The Magic dip design art centre is aimed at girls 8+ and can be purchased from Amazon for £27.80 HERE   

More info can be found at

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