Review: Las Iguanas restaurant Blackpool

You may already know that I LOVE Las Iguanas. I have spoken about my loves on here a few times now.

I have previously visited the Birmingham (Arcadian), Derby & Liverpool restaurants and each and every one have the same great food and fabulous atmosphere. 

When you are in your home town, you get used to where is good to eat and where is not. You know it well and places become firm favourites. But when you are visiting a new town or city, finding somewhere to eat can be difficult - trawling through trip advisor reviews or calling on friends for recommendations. 

I now find, when I go on little road trips now, I always seek out a Las Iguanas restaurant because I know I'm going to like it and the same great customer service can be found throughout the whole chain. (something which can't be said for all chain restaurants which I have found so hit and miss depending on where they are!) There are 53 restaurants UK-wide so you shouldn't be too far from one wherever you go!

So when we were given the opportunity to visit Blackpool Zoo over the New Year break (Review coming soon!) I new we had to stop off for dinner at the Las Iguanas there. (In Blackpool - not the zoo)

As I say, I've visited a few Las Iguanas restaurants now and loved them all. But Blackpool really sticks out as a favourite for me because of its locations - right on the promenade over looking the sea, just a few minutes walk to the famous tower.


I know the seafront has had negative perceptions in the past but it has recently just completed a £100m regeneration and I have to say it is looking great.

The restaurant has table for eating at the rear with waiter service with the front being set up more for drinking (if ever you are in the area and don't want to eat - pop in for one of their 241 cocktails all day everyday - heaven!)


But we went early evening in January so the front was very quiet and we opted to sit in a window booth at the front. When you're from the Midlands - any opportunity to see the sea has to be taken!!!

And so - the food.....

The winter menu was launched in September 2016 an is packed full of the authentic South American classics such as fajitas, enchiladas, burritos and flame grilled meats as well as 20 delicious new offerings.

We opted for an old favourite to start - Dadinho's. Seriously one of my favourite all time foods EVER and probably one of the main reasons I get so excited for a trip to Las Iguanas (along with the cocktails!) along with the bread board and chilli sugar snaps which are a great new addition to the menu. By the end of our starters the kids were fighting for the last smears of sticky chilli jam out of the pot.


For mains, I opted for the half blazing bird in honey piri piri, P had the Havana club & Jerk BBQ ribs and the kids had pizza and chicken (which they shared so they had a bit of both!)



The kids also came with a choice of pudding and bottomless squash which was fab.


After a very cold, January walk around the zoo - this cosy comfort food was EXACTLY what was needed!

In total, all of our food & drinks came to just over £50 for all 5 of us - can't get better for value for money really can it?

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