We're going on a Bear Hunt twitter party

Yesterday we were lucky enough to join in with an 'Im going on a Bear Hunt' twitter party. 

I posted about our love of the book and film HERE.

Did you manage to come and join in? Maybe you were one of our winners?

If not, don't worry, you can still have a look at what fun was had by searching for the hashtag #BearHunt.

There is also plenty more opportunity to join in and win over on the UKMums.TV where you can enter to win an 'I'm going on a Bear Hunt' book & DVD for yourself HERE by 27th February 2017 and there are lots of Bear Hunt inspired activity ideas for you to try at home.

Whilst the fun was happening on Twitter, we were also having lots of fun at home with our very own Bear Hunt party.

A box was sent to us full of the different activities to try out as part of the party and we had LOTS of fun!

The children were desperate for their friends to come over to join in but typically BB had chicken pox (so please excuse his little spotty face in the pictures) so we enjoyed it just the 5 of us as a family.

We started off with 'Movie night' watching the DVD with popcorn.


The children watched intently, not least because they were enthralled by the story but also because they new there was going to be a little quiz after the film with a prize for the winner!

BB won (with a little help from Daddy) with a very respectable 5 right.


After that, they were all starving so we had Bear inspired party food for tea.


And they got to make their own pudding!


Bear biscuits!!


After, we were straight back into the party games with pin the tail on the bear which got very intense & the ruler had to come out!


We also did a treasure hunt & made some cute bear ears.


They all managed to win something at the party and loved their prizes.


My favourite though was this official 'I'm going on a bear hunt' soft toy complete with Grandpa's green scarf just like in the film. He's so cuddly!


And then, as the party came to an end, we managed to avoid the tears that the fun was all over by handing out these party bags filled with treats and colouring!

If you feel inspired to do your own Bear Hunt party make sure you check out the www.UKMums.TV page for lots more ideas.

And if you aren't lucky enough to win the DVD and Book in the competition you can buy your very own from amazon.


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