What's the worst Christmas gift you have ever received? Is it as bad as these bloggers received?

As I am currently compiling my Christmas gift guide which features some absolutely cracking gifts for the loved ones in your life, it got me thinking about the bad ones I have received over the years too....

And there have been a few!

I'm not sure who of my family & friends read my blog and I'm too much of a wuss to reveal all just in case, because one thing I can say is that although I have received some really terrible gifts over the years, I do believe they have been given with love by people who truly thought they had found something perfect for me.

I really wouldn't want to upset people...however, if you have gifted me something ever, be aware, it could be you ;-) 

(perhaps check out my gift guide coming up this week to discover what I really would like to receive this Christmas)

So instead, I have asked my fellow blogging friends to spill the beans on their own disastrous, naff, unthoughtful or downright bizarre gifts!!!

1. Katy from www.katykicker.com

"I received a piece of plastic that you use to mould together old bits of soap. It had the sticker from the charity shop on the back. Clearly someone else hated it too!"

I mean, who even knew such a gadget existed?

2. Lyndsey from www.mehimthedogandbaby.com 

"My Nanna once bought me a belly dancing kit. I have never shown any kind of interest in it whatsoever."

I'm intrigued to know what a belly dancing kit contains? 

"My in-laws bought me a hand held vacuum cleaner last year. I have never mentioned I wanted anything even remotely like that and took it for the insult it was intended as!"

In-laws, says it all really.

"I was once given a healthy eating book. I had no interest in healthy eating, so I can only assume it was a hint of some sort!"

Subtle huh?

"A pair of converse hi-tops that were neon pink and yellow stripes. I felt awful telling hubby they had to go back but knowing how much they cost there was no way I could keep them and not wear. Even if they'd not been a vile colour they'd have had to go back because my feet squeak in converse"

With neon pink & yellow combined with the squeaking, people would definitely have seen and heard you coming.

6. Jennifer from www.mymummyspennies.com

"I once got a jumper 3 sizes too big. I was rather insulted"

Maybe they bought it as to be extra comfy and roomy? *trying to find the best in the situation here*

"My great aunt once sent me a beautifully wrapped bottle of anti-freeze!!! I used to think it was because she was going senile....but I wonder now if it was a hint at my character in general??"

At least it was practical?

"A half filled bottle of perfume"

It was either such a lovely fragrance the gifter couldn't resist a far few squirts of it on themselves before gifting or it was so terrible, after half a bottle they just couldn't bare to use it anymore?

"A bejeweled spider web. To this day I have no idea why."

What even is the purpose of a bejeweled spider web? A brooch? Ornament?

10. Becky from www.mommyandrory.com

"My mum once spent all year collecting items for a Christmas hamper. The only problem was that by the time she gave them to me, half the food had passed the used by dates"

The thought was there...better planning next time!

11. Christy at www.welshmum.co.uk

"I received some beard oil one year from an aunt!! She claimed she'd mixed it up with my husband but he's never had a beard either"

This is one of my favourites! I wonder what your husband received that was supposed to be for you?

12. Jodie from www.dearlittledaisy.com

"My Grandma buys us main presents and then lots of little random bits for the hell of it. Last year it was Tesco's own make-up wipes, neon pink eye shadow, some chewing gum and sellotape. She did give me money and some Lancome perfume though so I guess it evens it out!"

I feel she redeemed herself well with the perfume!

"A 9 pack of pringles from my mother in law. I only like BBQ pringles, and guess what? There weren't any!"


"My husband bought me a slanket last year.

A slanket.

My nan has a slanket.

I couldn't believe that, regardless of the plethora of choice available and interests that I have, he chose to buy me a frigging slanket!!!!... He thought I'd love it.

I did not love it."

I feel like me and your nan are kindred spirits and I might steal your husband.

"I was bought a karaoke machine by my dad....he meant well but I wasn't impressed. I hate karaoke!"

He clearly wanted to listen to your beautiful voice more.

16. Laura from www.autumnsmummyblog.com

"An old lady brooch when I was 6. The same happened the following year. I've never ever worn a brooch!"

Santa once bought me a pocket watch. I asked from a Lucy loo baby doll. I feel this is on par.

17. Emma from www.mummyem.co.uk

"Black work trousers, 2 pairs as well! From my mother in law. Exciting stuff!!"
Those darn in-laws strike again....

"When I was a teenager a neighbour gave me half a bottle of perfume on a polystyrene tray (like you get meat on), wrapped in cling film"
What the...? I don't even have the words for this one. Definitely the most bizarre.

18. Sarah from www.mummycatnotes.com

"A bright green plastic photo frame that had a broken stand and no option to hang"


"A book about divorce when I was married..... I did get divorced the following year though but it wasn't actually planned at the time and not linked to the book"

Please don't say this was another subtle in-law gift again?

At least you had the book on stand by when you needed it...silver lining and all that!

20. Laura from www.fivelittledoves.com

"From my mother in law - a brown dressing gown in size 18/22. Despite being a size 8 she said to me as I opened it "I hope it's not too small""

Yup, in-laws strike again. As if it being brown wasn't offensive enough...

Have you ever received any as bad as these lot??

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  1. Wow! What a way to deliver what is disliked . I liked this blog as we are getting ideas what to give and what not to give. We will keep a check before purchasing a gift for Christmas.


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