The ultimate Christmas gift guide for all the family

I have been very busy here at Dancing dandelions HQ sourcing some of the best products on the market and believe I have managed to find something for everyone here.

I know only too well how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, so hopefully this will help give you some inspiration!

For Pre-schoolers

Make a splash with Hape bath toys!

What toddler doesn't love splashing around in the bath or shower? And Hape have a whole range of toys to add to the fun.

Here are just two of my favourite:

Happy Bucket Set £12.99 - Amazon

These three colourful buckets feature different types of water drainage to keep your child entertained at bath time. Fill up the buckets with water, bubbles or carry your bathtime friends around in them. Suitable for 12+ months.

Teddy and Duck Bath Mitt £9.96 - Amazon

Parents can gently engage with their little ones as they simultaneously play with and clean their child with this friendly teddy bath mitt.
Place a bar of soap inside the bath mitt to help everyone get nice and clean as you play.
Suitable for 12+ Months.

Staying on the bathtime theme as toddlers love it some much...

Cuddledry Snuggle Monkey £32.99 - Shop here.

Snuggle up to your little one this Christmas in this fluffy and fun hooded towel, complete with curly tail! 

They'll love to leap out of the bath and swing from one imaginary tree to another, wrapped in this snuggly fabric. 

Warm, cosy and incredibly soft, it's made from a clever microfibre technology that's so absorbant it will dry them in minutes 

Suitable from 3 to 6 years.

Animosaics: Can you find me book £9.99 - Shop here

Perfect for you animal lovers!

An attractive and artistic 'search and find' board book that introduces children to animal habitats and encourages them to count from one to ten.

Toddlers can explore a different habitat on each page and search with their parents for the animals hidden within the beautiful, large mosaic-inspired illustrations.

With questions such as 'Can you find one butterfly?' and 'Can you find two tadpoles?', little ones can learn to count whilst searching.

The large format of the book makes in perfect for sharing & interacting.

Tomy Build-a-johnny tractor £22.99 - Amazon (currently only £19.54)

A great addition to the John Deere Preschool range is the new Build-a-Johnny Tractor.

Simply use the battery-powered drill to take Johny Tractor apart and then build him again and again.

With a 15 piece buildable set including two extra drill bits, your farming hero is built with chunky parts that are easy for little hands to assemble, ideal for any young farmer.

Suitable 18+ Months.

Tomy Mr Shopbot £19.99 - Amazon (currently only £9.99)

Say Hello to the new Mr Shopbot!

Use coins to feed Mr Shopbot, pushing his mouth down to hear him munch and crunch. Use Mr Shopbot's scanner arm and button tummy for shopping role-play.

This friendly Shopbot is filled with funny and cheeky sounds and comes with many actions.

Suitable from 18+ Months.

Tomy Phil the Fridge £19.99 - Amazon (currently only £14.43)

Meet Phil the Fridge. 

As Phil spins, players must get their food into the correct holes, but watch out for Phil’s door flying open.

The winner is the player who gets all their coloured food shapes into the fridge first. 

Suitable for 4 years+

For the kids

Kidz Bop 2018 £7.99 - Amazon

Currently storming the UK Official artist album chart, Kidz Bop 2018, the perfect stocking filler, has been released through Universal Music.

The album includes classics like "Castle on the hill", "Symphony" and "Ciao Adios", all made family-friendly and sung by the KIDZ BOP kids.

Music videos for "Stay", "Ciao Adios", "I'm the One" and "Castle on the Hill", along with lyrics for "Symphony" and "Your Song", have also been released on the UK KIDZBOP YouTube Channel, adding to the 3 million UK YouTube views to date!

Grumpy cat in Petlandia book from £19.99 - Shop here.

Unique, fun, moving gift for pet-lovers of all ages, not just the kids is this Petlandia book - A personalised storybook that stars YOUR PET alongside the one and only Grumpy Cat in a roadtrip adventure.

A hand-illustrated, personalized gift to keep forever.

Heely's Premium Lo £66.95 - Shop here

There are so many Heely's to chose from at but I absolutely love these light up ones!

These shiny new Heely's have amazing new USB rechargable lighted sole. You'll be spoilt for choice with the 12 different flashing light sequences, which are sure to make you the center of attention!

Available in UK sizes 12 to 7.

TumBall £17.99 - Amazon (Currently only £13.07)

Putting balancing skills to the test with nerve-racking results, TumBall is fun for the whole family.

Observe the cluster of balls suspended by nothing but thread. How many balls can you balance on them before the cluster separates? Go ahead, make your move, but be careful, don't tremble or the balls with tumble.

For 2-4 players age 6+ years.

Art of football t-shirts £14.99 - Shop here.

Art of football create hand crafted designs to emulate the energy, passion and euphoria that erupts from that one magical kick of a football. 

Art of football only produce a limited number of each design, so your t-shirts & prints, like any good piece of art , are exclusive and completely original.

Every order also comes gift wrapped and in a hand painted box.

Available in sizes 5 to 14 years.

Mini Hornit bike & Scooter Toy with lights and Sounds £14.99 - Amazon

The Mini Hornit is the world's most fun accessory for children's bikes & scooters and is fast becoming a craze in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

It comes loaded with 25 sound effects from bells and trumpets to racing cars and animals and has bright lights (white AND green!) for safety.

It also comes with a remote trigger for use on bikes which enables children to operate sounds without taking their hands off the handlebars and top quality AAA batteries (bonus!)

Monqi kids mobile phone £149.99 (sim free) - Shop here
When it comes to buying a child their first smartphone most parents will have concerns: what if they download inappropriate apps? How can I manage their screen time? Will they run up huge bills? Monqi is the new smartphone and app that gives parents control and allows them to introduce technology safely.

The Monqi smartphone has great features and a sleek design kids will love. It certainly doesn't look any different to any adults smartohone in appearance! But thanks to the unique Monqi operating system and remote app, it is also designed to appeal to parents who are looking to stay in control while helping their child develop their independence. 

Features include:
  • Approve, add or edit contacts.
  • Set geo-fencing and be notified when a child leaves or enters a zone
  • Set a schedule so phone features and apps can be limited to specific times of day.
  • Lock and remotely lock the phone - especially useful if it gets lost!
  • Approve and manage all apps and dowloads
  • Limit app use, calls, text and data usage.
Suitable for 7-12 years.

Wise (ish) words for everyone, from £23.95 - shop here.

Whether it’s for your son or daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or any youngster you think the world of, Wise(ish) Words For Everyone is a personalised, grin-inducing book, bursting at the seams with useful and funny advice – and it’s guaranteed to make a small person’s Christmas Day. 

All you have to do is go to Wise(ish) Words For Everyone website, add the name of the child you have in mind, and the platform does all the hard work for you, with their name emblazoned on virtually every beautiful page and incorporated into the sage and sometimes silly aphorisms.
It’s fun to make, free to preview and you can add your own touches to create a one-of-a kind-gift for that special child in your life. It’s made in minutes – but will give a lifetime of warm-fuzzy feelings and some great lessons for your favourite kid to live by. 

Each unique book of Wise(ish) Words is crammed with stunning design where you choose the style and colours and to what extent you’d like the wise(ish) words to be heartfelt or cheeky, and hit create. You can edit at every stage to lovingly tailor the book’s mottos and maxims even further for the child you have in mind.

Suitable for 8-16 years.

My fairy garden, £14.99 from (Shop here) (Currently on sale for just £12.99!)

The My Fairy Garden contains everything you need to create a wonderfully magical indoor fairy garden! To start with, take the fairy bowl, add some soil and plant the grass seed and simply let it grow. You can construct the cute fairy cottage which comes complete with a sparkly roof, lay the colourful gravel path, place the fairy flowers and position the toadstool and put up the washing line – well, even fairies have to do laundry! The set even comes with an oyster shell to make a water feature. You don’t have to worry about attracting fairies to the garden either as you also get a fairy figurine.

This enchanting indoor fairy garden kit will capture young girls’ imaginations, it’s also a great introduction to the wonders of nature too as it allows them to grow their own little garden!

Suitable for 4 + years.

Make your own chocolate pizza kit, £11.99 available from (Shop here)

You won't believe it, but we've found a way to make our chocolate pizzas even more fun! This extra special version isn't even a pizza... yet!

This cool kit comes with everything you need to make your own chocolate pizza; a pizza pan, set of instructions, easy to melt milk chocolate buttons, creamy white chocolate curls, colourful rainbow drops and lovely chewy jelly beans. The only hard part is stopping yourself eating all the ingredients before you finish making it!

Your finished pizza will measure 7 inches in diameter, making it a great size for sharing with a small group of your favourite people, or a truly indulgent treat for one!

It's hard to decide which is more fun; making and decorating your very own chocolate pizza, or eating your creation when you're done!

For the Dads.

Gillette Justice League gift sets from £11.99.

This year Gillette have partnered with the latest Justice League instalment and have created razor to celebrate the partnership. 

Along with this there is also a VR Justice League experience which is available free on the app store, and a headset is included with selected Justice League packs!

Dobell Tan Oxford Leather Brogues, £79.99 - Shop here (currently only £39.99) have a huge array of quality gifts perfect for dads/grandads from socks and ties to shirts and shoes.

I particularly love these classic brogues! (look out for a full review of these coming soon)

Custom made bow ties and pocket square sets for Daddy & Son from

How ridiculously cute are these?

If you are looking for a personal service that goes above and beyond to deliver the highest quality bow ties and pocket squares for your loved ones this Christmas then look no further than the work of Michael at Men's finest.

Having dealt with Michael recently for a set for my partner and boys, it was clear to see the passion he has for mens tailoring and fashion and it shows in his work! He happily sourced a fabric in a pattern that met our specifications and kept us involved in the whole process.

He has a range of ready to go accessories here but you can also email or call him from a consultation if you have more specific ideas like we did!

This tartan set is an example of his recent work but look out for a full review coming soon with pictures of our custom made Daddy & Son's set.

 Festive Beers from Greene King 

There are two fab Christmas beers available:

Old Mulled Hen is a warming winter ale with rich clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavour.

And Rocking Rudolph, a number one Christmas Cask Al. The beer is a full bodied beer with redcurrant and blackcurrant flavours, along with a malted toffee taste. A crisp bitter finish. 

Both are available in supermarkets throughout December!
Oral B Genius 9000, £280 available at Boots. and Amazon (currently £89.99)

For the Tech Loving Dad!

The boredom of regular brushing has just been swept aside by the clever, engaging design features of the GENIUS 9000, the world’s first electric toothbrush with ‘Position Detection’ technology, guiding to a perfect clean throughout the mouth. The triple pressure sensor technology alerts you if you are over brushing and automatically slows down to a sensitive mode to reduce pressure and the built-in Professional Timer ensures that each quadrant of the mouth is brushed for 30 seconds to meet the dental expert recommended two minutes. The Oral-B GENIUS 9000 in black and white is the ultimate gadget which can sync to your smartphone via the Oral-B App which delivers news and weather updates along with helpful brushing tips! It also comes with a smart travel case which charges the brush and your phone! It’s the perfect gift for tech lovers!

Ghostbusters Owners' Workshop Manual, £16.99 (

Based on the classic Ghostbusters movie franchise, this manual focuses on Ecto-1, the team’s trusty spectre-smashing vehicle, plus the equipment that Ecto-1 carries. Along with a detailed breakdown of Ecto-1’s capabilities and detailed cutaway images that show the car’s souped-up engine and in-built ghost-trapping equipment, the book also focuses on the Ghostbusters’ portable tools of the trade, including proton packs, ghost traps and P.K.E meters. Featuring commentary from the film's ghostbusting team – Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddmore – the Ghostbusters Manual is the ultimate guide to the Ghostbusters iconic car and ghost trapping equipment.

Disney Grumpy Dwarf Men's trunk £10, Next.

These Grump dwarf boxers are the ultimate briefs for the bad-tempered!

A fun stocking filler for the festive season and a great way to add a bit of attitude to any underwear collection.

Sock Cards, £9.99 - Shop here.

Online card seller thortful have created some fab sock cards, they are a bit of fun you can send a special man in your life even if he's far from home! Create a sock cardfrom any one of their 1000's of card designs, personalise it using their handwriting app or type your message and they'll do the rest, one less thing to trouble Father Christmas with!

Jaguar Pace Accelerate 100ml Eau de toilette, £44.00 

Created to celebrate the launch of the Jaguar F-Pace family sports car, the best-selling Jaguar Pace is an expression of true masculinity.

Today, there’s only one way to increase the pace… Accelerate. Experience a high-voltage, energy-packed race. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Inspired by the amazing speed and the remarkable dynamic of Jaguar sports cars, Jaguar Pace Accelerate is an exciting new addition to the range. Designed for a man with confidence and charisma. A man who thrives on challenges. A man whose fragrance reflects his drive for excellence.

For the mums

Sommelier wine subscription box, from £36 available from

Not sure what to get wine lovers this Christmas? Think outside the wine box with a monthly French wine subscription box - the gift that keeps on giving well beyond Christmas!

The concept is simple: 3 fabulous french wines every month, delivered straight to your door. No fuss, no long-term contract, just loads of fun tasting and learning!

The wines come with simple tasting cards to learn about regions, styles and grape varieties which can all be collated in a free folder sent with each new subscription.

Tile Style, £30 available from John Lewis and Amazon

Perfect for the Style-savvy!

Tile Style  Bluetooth tracker that helps you keep track of what matters most, including your handbag, purse, keys

With Tile you can locate your item via the Tile app on select iOS or Android phones. You can also use your Tile to find your phone in reverse.

Features: Framed with a champagne gold ring, Tile Style is satin white with a subtly-ridged texture, making it the perfect accessory to attach to valuable items. Bluetooth range (now up to 200 feet) and twice the loudness of its predecessors, Tile Mate and Tile Slim.

White Glo Diamond Series advance teeth whitening, £14.99 -Amazon.

Perfect for the beauty conscious!

This revolutionary, fast and effective whitening formula provides not only amazing white teeth but also longer lasting results. The advanced formulation lifts stains and removes yellowing on the surface of your tooth enamel safely - without abrasion!

Ecoffee cup, from £7.95 - shop here.

For an original, beautifully designed, yet practical gift, which also happens to help reduce consumer waste, look no further than EcoffeeCup.

The Ecoffee Cup is manufactured using bamboo fibre (the world’s fastest-growing, most sustainable crop) and corn starch, which means it's BPA and phthalate free. Ecoffee Cup is sturdy but light, it has a resealable ‘drip proof’ lid for easy storage in bags, and it is fully dishwasher safe. Bamboo is naturally sterile and so it doesn’t flavour-taint drinks, unlike some other reusables, making it the ideal choice for the hurried coffee-on-the-go commute. It also works to brighten up your train journey or your desk at home or work!

Amarula 70cl, £12.50 - available in most supermarkets.

Distilled in South Africa, and produced from the fruit of the marula tree, Amarula is aged for two years in French oak barrels before being blended with the finest cream to create this caramel hued liqueur, delicately perfumed with the fruity notes of the exotic marula fruit.

Amarula is perfect neat over ice, in cocktails, desserts or even added to coffee and hot chocolate!

It is my new favourite tipple!!!  

Sond Skincare, available from

Sond believe that everyone should feel good about their skin. Their aim is to help those with sensitive skin which is why we are at the forefront of Alkaline & Silica products.

Alkaline refers to the pH level. Water has a neutral pH of 7, while most skin care products have a lower pH of around 5.5, and our new range of products have a pH of 7.3 which is just slightly higher than water. Higher alkaline means there is more oxygen in a liquid which ensures skin cells absorb more water, improves blood flow, increases cells ability to regenerate more effectively and glowing skin.

Sond skincare products are a great gift for anyone who wants an easy skincare routine, and they have a range suitable for anyone from serum, to supplements.

The Slender blend, from £13.99, available from Shop here.

For the health conscious woman in your life, or simply to help them kick start their New Years resolution of getting into shape, the Slender blend would make the perfect gift!

Seriously, sometimes you can just get bogged down with way too much sweet treats and chocolate over Christmas and if you're anything like me, you'll be thankful of something healthy and good after festive over indulgence.

The Slender blender is a high protein, low calorie meal replacement shake that is the No.1 Best selling weight loss shake on the market.

Not only that, it tastes delicious which helps!!

* Products featured have been gifted to me for the purposes of this guide but I have included only things I genuinely believe are great products and would make super products. My opinions are all my own *


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