18 things for 2018

HOW are we in 2018 already?

Seriously, it baffles me how fast the years go the older you get.

You may remember my New Year New Me post from last year? 

(And yes, I was baffled by the fact it was 2017 already on that post too. It feels like I only wrote it yesterday.)

Back then I decided to keep it short and manageable, setting myself just 5 realistic but worthy goals for the year and I'm happy to say, I managed to keep up most of them really quite easily (I could have stressed a little less if I'd have tried that bit harder!)

This year, thanks to Leslie at www.messyblog.uk who has tagged me in her 18 things for 2018 post, I am once again sat here trying to put together a list of things I hope to achieve/ improve/ cut out for the next year and beyond.

Don't give a F**k about things that really don't deserve it.

For my birthday a few weeks ago, P bought me a book that had been sat in my Amazon basket for sometime - The life changing magic of not giving a f**k and it has been a revelation.
As you will know from last years post, I'm a natural born worrier. An over-thinker. A stress head.
This book teaches you how to not give a F about the things you really don't want to or need to, whilst being mindful not to become an absolute arse hole and spending your saved time and energy from your no F's given, on those things worthy of it.
In 2018 I am going to come to terms with the fact there are some things I cannot control and things I cannot change and these are the very things I need to stop wasting time and energy on.

Start CBT.

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the last. 2018 is the year to combat my anxieties once and for all! 
At the end of 2017 I finally plucked up the courage to see my GP regarding my anxieties. I have suffered my entire adult life and on the whole I have learnt how to control it myself but there are also instances where my anxieties hold me back. I want to be able to do things. I get excited at the prospect of new things. And then right at the last minute, anxiety kicks in and I bottle it. And then I beat myself up for bottling it. 
So the GP says I have social anxiety and has given me the number to call to arrange cognitive behavioral therapy. It's been a few weeks now and I haven't managed to get around to calling. It has been Christmas - I'm not sure if that's my genuine reason or the excuse I needed to not pick up the phone yet. 
Picking up the phone can be the scariest of tasks to someone like me.
But I am determined to be pro-active with this. The kids go back to school tomorrow and I AM going to make that call!

Attend some blogging events.

Again, this is one that goes hand in hand with the previous goals. 
My social anxiety holds me back from things I want to do and one of those things is any blogging events.
I want to do them, I know they will be fun. I want to meet other bloggers and network. I want to meet the lovely PRs and brands that I have the pleasure of working with on projects. 
2018 is my year to finally do it. I'm going to get my CBT done and I'm going to put on my big girl pants and I'm bloody gonna do it!!

Worry less about what others think of me

Surprise surprise, another that is very much centered on the worrier in me.
Most of what I do, I do for others. I do it so others think good of me. I can worry for days if I think somebody might think I've been rude to them when maybe in reality I was just in a rush and had no time to stop and talk that day.
I need to realise that if others think bad of me, then thats there problem not mine. If I genuinely know I wasn't being rude, then that's OK. Those who know me well will know that anyway. And those that don't are worth my time (or worth my f**ks. See above ^)

Spend less time on social media

Social media really does fuel this 'need to please' in me. Constantly looking at peoples perfect lives can make you feel inferior at times. 
It also means I end up distracted when I'm supposed to be spending time with my family. In my actual life, not my social media life, and my actual life is actually pretty alright! 

Make the most of my time with LB

LB goes to Nursery in April and as he's the last child I really want to make the most of my time with him before he's off and school changes him. Before he no longer relies on his Mama and no longer wants a morning full of snuggles or an afternoon of baking with me.
Less time on social media will mean I'm more present and enjoy him that much more.

Get in shape

I hate this as a new years resolution. It's something the whole world vows to do from January 1st and the majority have failed by February! I have never ever wanted to be part of that massive group of failures. I have never wanted to give up cake or seen it as a realistic goal for a cake-a-holic like me.
But needs must now. I am not huge, but I am definitely bigger than I would like to be. 
And I've always been someone who is of the opinion, if you don't like something, change it! But it is only you who can make that change.
So 2018 is the year I need to be more pro-active when it comes to my weight/size/shape and a little less pro-active when it comes to pudding!

Read more

I have a ton of books here and many of them are still unread. I enjoy reading and I am excited to read the ones I have here but I have just always struggled to find the time! 
With BB starting nursery this year, I may just find a few extra hours a week to get some reading time in.

Pass my driving test

The end of last year saw me pass my theory test (50/50 no less!) and on the second day of 2018 I finally booked in my practical test!!! It's not for a little while yet and I realise I may well fail, but I will not give up and will keep going until I pass. And I will pass this year. I will.

Buy a car

So there's little point in learning to drive if there is nothing to drive around in at the end of it so this is an essential goal for me to achieve this year. Hopefully before my test too so I can get in as much practice as I can!

Get married

The wedding we had been planning may well have been cancelled in order to spend the money on much more worthwhile things for us a family.....but we are still engaged and we still want to be married this year. 
I'm actually more excited by our new plans than I was the last lot. It will be much more US and much more about us as a family. 

Pass my access course

Last year I started an access course in Medical Science. I need to work my ass off this year to pass all of my units with merit or distinction in order to get where I want to be!

Apply to University

And where I want to be is back at University! Big dreams to achieve. I'm going to make sure after many many years now as a stay at home mum, that I finally get a career for myself  and be a good role model to my children.

Focus on my blog more

My blog is something I find is something of a rollercoaster. Sometimes I have all the enthusiasm in the world for it and can churn out a ton of really great posts and then other times when it is a chore and I'm hitting my head against a brick wall.
This year, with a little more time on my hands when BB is at nursery, I am to make more of my blog and definitely keep things more consistent in 2018.
Better planning might be useful - Saving some posts back from my enthusiastic times to post during those times I am lacking inspiration!

Be more of a morning person

I'm really not a morning person. I hate the mornings. 
The complete opposite to me is P who IS a morning person.
And so currently it is P that does every single morning in this house. He makes me a cup of tea and brings it up to bed to me and sorts the kids breakfasts out every day.
He doesn't mind and it works for us.
But I really should make more of an effort to help out more in the morning!!

Buy a decent camera

I love photography but currently take all of my pictures on my humble little iphone 7!
I really want to take my pictures to the next level with a proper camera.

Finish decorating the house

Last year we managed to decorate the lounge, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. We stripped the hall, stairs and landing ready to do many many months ago and it is all still in that state now. We got bored!
This year we really HAVE to get it finished and decorate the boys and LL's new rooms after their change around.

Sort out the loft and the shed!

We've been saying this for years now and are always putting it off. It's one of those things that you can forget about and doesn't really affect you on a day to day basis so it's easy to not do. But they are both FULL of junk. We just need a huge skip and a long weekend to literally chuck the lot.

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