How to: Custom design & personalise your own leather jacket with posca pens the cheats way!

Having seen custom jackets recently, I just new I wanted to give it a whirl myself.

LL had an old pleather jacket lying around that she hadn't really worn much and was soon to be outgrown so I thought - what the hell have I got to lose here?

Turns out, it is SUPER SIMPLE.

I mean, like, really really easy. Anyone can do it.

Yes! Even you!

You could of course just freehand paint your jacket straight on with acrylic paints if your all arty and wotnot, but if like me, your artistic skills aren't quite at custom designing fashion wear just yet you can do it the cheats way. 

Here's how....

Paper and printer
Tape (masking tape is best)
Acrylic pens (I used Posca)

1. Design your wording or imagery on a free site like picmonkey or canva and print. 
(I used pic monkey)

2. Rub chalk over the back of your design and blow off any excess dust.

3. Tape your design where you want it to go on the back of your jacket. If it is a large design, you might be best to do this in sections. I cut my design and did the name part first and then the roses afterwards.

4. Draw over your design with your pencil and remove the paper.

5. Give the jacket a light blow to remove any excess chalk dust again and you should be left with an outline of your design. (Like the roses are here in this picture after the name part was done)

6. Draw over the chalk outlines with your acrylic pens being careful not to smudge with your hand as you go along. Let each section dry before starting the next. When the whole thing is dry, you can wipe the chalk away with a cloth.

This method also works well for chalk board signage too!

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