10 reasons to elope

So you may or may not have seen that me and Mr M eloped back in May and I can honestly say, cancelling our 'big white wedding' [BWW] was the best decision we ever made.

We married in Scotland, with just our children and two random strangers off the street as witnesses. We told no-one beforehand and the children managed to keep the secret for us so well!

I realise that it might not be for everyone and that some people dream their whole lives of the perfect big wedding with 100's of guests in attendance but here's just a few reasons why a secret elopement might just work for you!

  1. The most obvious one maybe is cost. 

    And saving money doesn't mean scrimping on the important things. We managed to go to Scotland with the children for our elopement, add in a little mini-moon to the Lake district, have a lovely posh meal to celebrate the day and have a 'back-home party' all for a quarter of the price we were spending on our BWW.
    And we managed to snag our original, amazingly talented photographer for a matter of a few hundred pounds as a 'photoshoot' for a few hours rather than the original 1.4k full wedding package. Meaning we got the same awesome photos to document our day but spent over a thousand pounds less. Win-Win!
  2. Your day is truly all about YOU. 

    I know you might think a BWW could be all about you too. And it really should be. But it is so easy to get bogged down with what other people might like and appeasing the guests rather than just doing you.
    Wanna go eat take out pizza on your day? Go ahead.
    Wanna get married in your favourite Doc Martin boots? Sure thing.
    Wanna go feed animals at the zoo in your wedding dress? Why not.
    I mean, seriously, the possibilities are endless because all you have to worry about it you and you partner. And because it is all in secret, nobody can give any ounce of opinion on your choices because once it's done, it's done.

  3. Amazing photo's. 

    On your wedding day, things can be a little hectic. Time is of the essence with a fixed schedule of ceremony, meal, speeches, first dance etc to get through and quite often this leaves very little time, coupled with the fact there is normally a whole list of people you will want to capture on the day, awesome photos of the two of you can be forgotten.

  4. Avoiding family politics.

    This one speaks for itself right?
    Weddings can bring out the best in people, but also the very worst.
    Divorced parents to contend with or your mothers assuming her entire social circle will be invited to her daughters wedding, your sister being offended she hasn't been asked to be bridesmaid or your best friend assuming her son will be a pageboy.... Even when you think you have a fairly 'normal', uncomplicated family, think again!
  5. More intimate and romantic.

    Again, perhaps this one is fairly straight forward and requires no explanation but weddings can be chaotic and often turn into a day spent making everyone else happy. It's easy to lose sight of what the day is about - you two! An elopement means that the day is truly about that and the intimacy and romance that brings.

  6. Less stress.

    I'm repeating myself a lot here but guess what? Weddings are chaotic. Chaotic = stressful. Family politics = stressful. It all becomes stressful.
    And the stress became one of the major reasons that we cancelled our BWW. It really wasn't worth it in the end and we focused on the part that was. An elopement, for me, was virtually stress free because the only people we had to please and organise were ourselves!
  7. The world is your oyster. Combine your elopement with your honeymoon.

    Yup, the world really is your oyster when it comes to an elopement. You can literally go and get married anywhere you like.
    And yes, I know you can do that anyway, but with an elopement you don't have to worry about getting a ton of other guests to your chosen location.

  8. You can still celebrate with friends and family with a party afterwards.

    Indeed, eloping doesn't mean cutting out friends and family altogether. You can get the best of both worlds like we did and enjoy an intimate ceremony with just the two of you and then celebrate with everyone else at an evening party afterwards.

  9. You get to wear your dress twice.

    If you did opt to have an evening reception after your elopement, you get to wear your dress twice. Not many brides get to do that!
  10. Extend the wedding high and avoid wedding blues for a little longer 

    And again, if you opted to celebrate with a party afterwards, you get to drag out the wedding high a little longer. We married in the May and had our party in the August so for those few months inbetween, we still had the excitement of planning and something to look forward to.

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