Review: Artisanal Japanese Snacks from Bokksu.

If you are a curious individual who loves to explore new foods and experience world flavours, then Bokksu is for you!

What is Bokksu?

"Bokksu delivers original assortments of premium Japenese snacks and tea pairings on a monthly subscription basis. By becoming a subscriber to Bokksu, you will receive a box of hand selected snacks each month. Every month also includes tea specifically chosen to compliment that month's flavours. Bokksu is a phonetic spelling of the loan word in Japanese for box (ボックス)."

Bokksu gives you the opportunity to explore Japan through their snacks from every major region of Japan. 

Each box is sent direct to your door from Japan itself, and best of all, delivery is absolutely FREE.

Bokksu are the only purveyor of many snacks outside of Japan, offering you the chance to try new things you wouldn't normally be able to get your mitts on!

What comes in a box?

"Classic Bokksu includes an original assortment of 20-25 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing curated around a cultural theme.

Tasting Bokksu contains the same high quality thematic curation as the classic and a sampling of all products each month. This means you are guaranteed to receive at least one of each product every month. Each Tasting Bokksu includes 10-14 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing." 

I have been lucky enough to try February's "Love Story" themes Bokksu which the whole family have had so much fun digging into!

In addition to delicious snacks and tea, you will find a Tasting Guide that explains how to best enjoy the items in your box and their cultural stories.

February is one of Japan's coldest months, which means it's the perfect time to stay warm indoors and cosy up with loved ones! It's also the season of love with Valentines Day celebrations throughout the country and Japan's unique gender reversal; only women gift chocolate to men! 

Some personal favourites from this months box have been this amazing red coloured tea, the colour of love, aptly name Beauty Red. The tea smells DIVINE and literally filled my whole house with scents of rosehip, rooibos and hibiscus but the taste is equally as fabulous, so sweet and fruity with accents of kiwi, apple and strawberry. 

I served it hot like a normal fruit tea, but you can also serve it over ice for a refreshing cold drink too!

The Pancake Langue de chat was the perfect accompaniment with my tea.

The Pancake Lague De Chat literally tasts like breakfast in America. Pancakes in Japan are called hotcakes (ホットケーキ) and are fluffier and thicker than their American cousins. Bon Bon Seika has transformed this breakfast treat into a delicate butter cookie with a maple and white chocolate filling that really tastes like pancake!

And then for something savoury, I loved the senbei rice crackers and Arigato no kimochi senbei which were shaped like hearts expecially for this month - so cute!
The bite-sized senbei rice crackers include delicious flavours such as goma (black seseme), mustard, and aonori (green seaweed) all topped with a chilli powder kick. This spicy seasoning leaves a delightful tingly feeling on the tongue! 

The larger heart has a crisp crunch and features soy sauce and is sweetened slightly with honey for balance - YUM! My favourite flavours. 

There is an unboxing video available on the bokksu website ahead of each month so you can see exactly what you will receive. 

Here is the unboxing of March's upcoming box for you to have a peak into.

We chose to keep it a total surprise and didn't see what was in our box until it arrived!

We were all so excited to open it and see what we had - a little like Christmas day.

For more information and to grab yourself a box please visit the

* A bokksu box was gifted to me for the purposes of review however all opinions are 100% my own*

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