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Over half term, me and the three children have been lucky enough to try out this Strictly Briks Tower set which includes 6 [10" x 10"] baseplates and 50 [2" x 2"] stacker bricks.

First things first, I bet everyone is wondering if they are compatible with other major brands like LEGO and the answer is YES!

And whats better? Although equal in quality, they don't come with the LEGO price tag!

This set is a steal at just £19.99 from Amazon.

The tower can be built up any way you like - a 6 layer tall tower, two 3 layer towers or just as stand-alone base plates for ground level building but Finn liked to make his tower as tall as he could so he went for the full 6 layer!

The bricks stack easily and hold the tower well. It stands firm enough for a toddler to play with, without it all coming crashing down. 

Unlike other brands, the bricks can be attached to the underside of the baseplates so you can add center supports to help with sturdiness and the baseplates themselves can be stacked.

The Strictly Briks also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so in addition to Amazon's standard returns policy, the manufacturer also offer a full refund or replacement for one year!

You might be surprised to hear that actually none of my children are massive LEGO fans. 

They love to build and create, they just really don't get on well with the kits. They want to do their own thing, not be restricted to a particular model to build or bogged down with following instructions.

That's why this set of Strictly Briks is fabulous. It contains everything you need to make the tower, but from there on in you can just let your imagination run wild!

The tower can become anything from a parking lot....

a superhero's lair....

Or a pony palace!

[This also gives a good indication of its size next to my 9 year old!]

However, if you ARE normally a LEGO fan & feel reluctant to stray from the brand - don't be.

Mr P, a purchaser from Amazon says: "I have to admit I'm a bit of a Lego snob and don't normally buy other brands due to the quality being nowhere near as good as Lego.", however he was "pleasantly surprised" and "Would recommend to other LEGO users"

And SallyB says "The quality is excellent so I'd definitely recommend them to any Lego fans."

These are just two of 175 reviews on Amazon that all say the same, giving them a 4.5 rating out of 5, so it's not just us who think these are great!!

There are many other sets in the Strictly Briks range to add to your collection, all available from Amazon.

*This tower set was kindly gifted to me by Strictly Briks but all opinions are my own. I only recommend products I would genuinely buy myself*

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