Why I am always taking photo's of the little moments as well as the big....

We often take photos of those big events in our lives - weddings, christenings, graduations. The ones where we’re all dressed up and picture perfect. 

The moments that will stay with us forever in vivid memories. 

But what about the everyday little moments? 

The ones that are heartwarming but not life changing? 

The moments that you don’t even realise are a ‘moment’? 

The memories you didn’t think to hold onto because it’s so easily forgotten that life moves so fast, life changes so very quickly, that sometimes memories are all your left with. 

It is these very moments that make up life that are so easily lost. Forever gone. 

And it hurts to desperately try to cling on to fading memories. It really hurts. 

Believe me, I know. 

I lost my dad when I was just 12 years old.

And that is why I take photos not just of the momentous occasions in my life. 

But the everyday too. 

Because it’s these that make up my life. 

A picture lives on forever. 

When people are long gone and memories have faded, pictures are all we are left with. 

Life captured. Stories told. Every detail.

Precious moments you were not even there for, cherished for generations. 

A part of your family history to hold onto forever. 

I don’t have many of my dad and me. 

He was always the one on the other side of the camera capturing us. 

If only he had stepped in front of the lens more. 

I’m very lucky he was such a devoted dad who spent a lot of time creating memories for us but I do wish I could remember a lot more than my mind will allow. 

So whilst it is SO important to be IN the moment. 

Enjoy the fun whilst it’s happening. 

Be present enough to notice the non-moment moments. 

And to be making memories that will never fade. 

It’s also so important to document the little moments. 

Take a moment to stop and take it all in. 

Take all the photos you can, whilst you can. 

The evolution of technology has been a wonderful thing for being able to take a snap at a moments notice and to share them with the world. 

And please do share them. 

Share them as much as you want. 

Stuff what anyone else thinks about the amount of pictures you take of your kids, your dog, your gym work out, your daily commute. 

It’s what you are choosing to document about your life. It is what reflects you. 

But also, remember to be in the photos yourself too (*minus the snapchat filters perhaps. Be YOU!) Life changes so fast.

Moments are, by definition, ‘a very brief period of time’. Please Capture them. Your children (and their children, and their children.....) will thank you for it one day - I promise!

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