Competition | #MakeMumACelebritea with PG Tips this Mother's Day

It's that time of year where we all reflect on just how wonderful our Mum's are.

[They should be getting credit all year around, but extra praise is due on Sunday!]

I've always been close to my own Mum, even through my teenage years when I was an absolute pain in the arse, putting it politely!

Here I am at the tearaway age of 15 years old, making my poor old mum pose like a Charlie's Angel for a photo - as you do.

Don't worry, we look much better these days *Ahem* (with the added bonus of technology on our side) #FilteredTheHeckOuttaUs

But I think you truly realise just how wonderful they are when you become a parent yourself.

And you realise all of the pain, stress and worry you actually put them through.

And how amazing calm and patient they were throughout the whole thing.

Looking back, I only have fond and happy memories of my childhood.

Our house was always filled with fun and laughter.

My mum was easy going, creative and loved doing craft and baking with us. 

She let us be children and allowed us to be individuals.

She has never judged me or pushed me to be something I'm not. I've never felt that I have disappointed her when I've failed and she has always instilled in us to just do our best. Whatever that may be.

For that reason, she has always been super approachable and I've been able to talk to her through the years about anything. Like a best friend.

And she hasn't had it easy. She has suffered her entire life with depression and anxiety. She lost my brother when he was just 19 months old and became a widow at only 35. Her Mum, her rock throughout everything died only a year later. 

She stepped up the plate when she needed to and raised 3 girls single handedly. And it was hard. We really really tested her. But she bloody well did it!

She is a survivor and the strongest woman I know. 

And above all else, now, she is the most amazing Nanny to six Grandchildren, who literally adore her.

She is my 'Celebritea'.


To celebrate Mother's Day, PG tips is giving you the chance to win a year's supply of their new Perfect with Dairy-Free and Decaf ranges simply by making your Mum a 'Celebritea'. 

To make your Mum a 'Celebritea' all you need to do is share a picture of your Mum on Instagram, showcasing just how much they mean to you, using the hashtag #MakeMumACelebritea.

You can choose a picture that shows how funny your mum is, or a heartwarming post full of emotion.

The very bottom line is to share a picture to show just special and lovely and utterly fabulous your Mum is to you.

The team at PG tips will be judging the competition and will announce the winner at 12pm on Monday 1st April 2019 - so get sharing!

Don't forget to tag @PGtips on your post too.

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