Stay #SoberNotSorry with Britvic Drinks

Last week we received this exciting little hamper from the very lovely people at Britvic drinks who are aiming to prove that 'sober' soft drinks needn't be sombre in their new #sobernotsorry campaign. 

"With everything from healthy thirst quenchers, delicious mocktails, weeknight quick fixes and tasty for on-the-go, Britvic has an array of soft drinks to see you through....

Dry January and beyond!"

Just look at the selection of goodies inside!

I'm not really a drinker myself anyway (I know, I know! I feel like I never fully made it to fully fledged adult status as I just don't like the taste of alcohol. I've tried to like it so many times, but I just don't enjoy it) so this hamper is like THE best thing to me ever.

I struggle so much with what to drink as an alternative to alcohol without coming across as a small child with my fizzy pop or squash or having to opt for the uber boring, but slightly more grown up option of water! 

Same can't be said for my husband who loves a little alcoholic tipple but is always designated driver on our nights out. There's also the sad fact of life that age is against him with regards to hangovers these days too. It's not as fun being a middle-aged Dad with three loud and chaotic children to contend with at 7am the next morning.

A particular favourite of mine has to be this Robinsons Crushed lime & Mint Cordial which has been crafted with real fruit and botanical flavours and is beautifully presenting in  a glass bottle, making it much more grown-up & sophisticated than your standard squash! 

If you're anything like my husband, this flavour combo will have you dreaming of Mojito's on the beach, so in the spirit of staying 'sober but not sombre' I whizzed up some little non-alcoholic versions for us both to enjoy on our Friday night.

It was so simple to put together thanks to Robinson's kinda doing all the hard work for you, and so so tasty!

Simply mix your cordial with soda water and a teaspoon of sugar and serve over ice. You can add a slice of lime and sprig of mint if you're feeling all fancy-pants like me, but it's totally not necessary.

This cordial is equally as delicious when made up as standard with water too!

The Robinsons Fruit Cordials have an RRP of £2.49 and can be found in most supermarkets.

Another favourite, for all of the family, is the Robinson's fruit creations (RRP £1.99) which are super refreshing, fruity blends made with twice the fruit as standard fruit squash.

This Orange & Mango one was so fruity and thirst-quenching, it was delicious served as an alternative to pure fruit juice with breakfast for everyone.

Perfect enjoyed  the morning after the (sober) night before too!

Another of Britvic's brands along with Robinsons is R.Whites who produce amazing lemonades - they have been making great-tasting lemonade since 1845 no less and with a max 57 calories per 330ml you can enjoy your favourite flavoured lemonade guilt-free.

They are available in three delicious flavours - Raspberry, traditional cloudy or Pear & Elderflower.

Britvic not only have you covered for a weekend, they also have your weekday work-days sorted with Purdey's multivitamin energy drinks (RRP £1.40) which can help you power through from Monday to Friday.

Featuring a combination of carbonated spring water, fruit juice, vitamins and natural plant extracts, Purdey's offers a cleaner caffeine-free alternative to other energy drinks on the market.

A very much needed Monday morning boost.

For the more health conscious, there is Aqua libre Infused Sparkling water (RRP £1.49) which is a range made simply with sparkling water infused with fruity flavours and a dash of lemon juice. 

This crisp, clean and unsweetened soft drink is not only vegan-friendly but also gluten-free, sugar-free and caffeine-free - featuring delicious bubbles for all wellness fans.

At only 3 calories per 330ml can, the Aqua libre infused sparkling water proves that the healthier doesn't have to compromise on flavour and that water doesn't always equal boring! 


Being a non-drinker, when out and about, the options can be quite limited, but one thing I can always rely on is a J2O which is widely available at most bars and restaurants. 

It's the one drink which ticks all the boxes for me being non-alcoholic, tasty and not looking child-like.

And what's better is that it is only 55 calories per bottle!

The J2O spritz (RRP £2.10) is a delicious and light sparkled drink, carefully crafted with a medley of fruits and water guaranteed to get your mouth watering.


So if you want to stay #sobernotsorry (or, like me, just don't like alcohol and don't want to look like a child!), give Britvic a try. With so many options available, I guarantee they have something for all tastes. 


*As previously stated, the hamper was kindly gifted to me as part of a collaboration with Britvic for the #Sobernotsorry campaign, however all opinions are my own*

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