Treat Mum to the gift of sleep with a Nanu Pillow this Mother's Day

Every mum deserves a good nights sleep right?

Just think of the year's of sleepless nights she has endured, which can impact greatly on day-to-day life.

So why not gift her with her first personalised pillow this Mother's Day?


Why does having the right pillow matter so much?

Quite simply | Sleep well, feel good.

A good nights sleep can reduce stress, make you smarter and improve memory.


We all know that pillow preferences vary hugely between each individual. 

I love a pillow as flat as a pancake, where as my husband has two pillows that he folds up and abuses most nights in his sleep.

Your preferences on pillows depends of so many factors - your sleep position, size, weight etc.

And with a few simple questions via the Nanu website about your Mum's sleeping habits and preferences, Nanu can create a pillow perfectly designed for her needs.

"The Perfect Pillow, Designed by You, Made by Nanu"

Within a day or two, your Mum's personalised pillow will be with you, perfectly packaged in a box, covered in tissue paper.

Pillow spec:

Standard 50x76cm size so will fit in your normal pillowcase!

100% cotton cover
polyester fabric lining
polyester microfibre fill

Your pillow is brought to life by a team of experts right here in the UK.

As well as being super soft and allergen free, Nanu pillows are also filled with recycled materials from plastic bottles.

Every Nanu stops 20 bottles from ending up in landfill, meaning the pillow is environmentally friendly without compromising on premium comfort.

This is a fact that I love.

A Quality product + helping the planet = Win win for me!

The pillow also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

I received a Nanu pillow free of charge for the purposes of this review as I would never recommend something I haven't tried myself, but I can honestly say, I would highly recommend this to anyone and as a mum, would love to receive this as a gift for Mothers day. 

The pillow is like a little hug for your head.

It feels luxurious and soft and best of all, doesn't lose its shape after a good nights sleep on it. 

The pillows are £38 but they often have deals on, like buy one get one free which is on at the moment so you can get yourself and your partner one for the same price.

They also offer free delivery, free returns and a 30 day free trial.

For more information or to place your order, please visit

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