The Falconer's Quest | The UK's largest bird of prey display at Warwick Castle

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview of Warwick Castle's brand spanking new bird display, The Falconer's Quest.

We were so excited! We only live an hour away from Warwick castle but despite the older two having visited a few times with school and grandparents, I had never been and we had never been as a family before.

So even if the display was rubbish, we were gonna have an awesome day discovering the castle together, right?

I'm gonna be honest, as excited as we all were, I did have a slight concern that a bird display might be a little boring, especially for my youngest. 

As beautiful as the birds are, we've been to a couple of displays before and we haven't really been able to see much other than a dot in the sky which could just be a pigeon for all we can see!

What a plonker am I? The display was anything but rubbish or boring. It was bloody amazing!

I should've had more faith in the team at Warwick castle as this wasn't any normal display. 

It wasn't like any display I've ever seen before.

I don't often gush about stuff but honestly, we were all just left open mouthed and awestruck.

It was clear to see a lot of time and effort had gone into creating this imaginative & immersive show.

Not being able to see the birds up close wasn't something we needed to worry about. THIS ^^ was our view from out seat. 

There are posts like these dotted around the seating area, where the birds perch for a while to really be able to get up close and personal with them.

Not only that, they swoop right over head, showcasing their beauty and wing span to the whole crowd.

But let's back up a little here. 

I've told you how my worries were unfounded and kinda explained why with the birds being closer than usual. 

But what really makes The Falconer's Quest different to any other bird display?

  • It's the UK's largest bird of prey display with over 70 birds featured
  • It's stunning riverside location & use of a viking long boat
  • An unusual mix of birds including Red Kites, Bearded vultures and an Andean Condor boasting a wing span of 3.2 metres
  • The stunning finale which includes up to 40 birds of prey in the sky at once
  • The riveting storyline following the Quest of Hobby, the son of a local fisherman who longed to be a falconer
  • Educational - facts about the birds are learnt as well as a walk through History

The show really brings to life a historical story beginning way back in 1356 when Thomas de Beauchamp, the 11th Earl of Warwick.

Hobby, pictured above, shared Thomas de Beauchamp's desire to fill the skies of Warwick with as many beautiful birds of prey as he could find. 

We, the audience, follow him on his Quest as he finds these magnificent creatures one by one.

The grande finale, when Hobby has succeeded in his Quest, is a sight to behold. 

I kinda don't want to spoil it for you as the surprise of it all, accompanied with the atmospheric music, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. 

I want you to have that moment too!!!

Chris O'Donnell, Warwick Castles chief falconer, said "The Falconer's Quest showcases the world's most beloved birds in a thoughtfully choreograhed show that, just like a ballet or stage show, tells a gripping story. The cast have been rehearsing well, even with some last minute cast changes as one of our Barn Owls is now on maternity leave having recently hatched two chicks" 

Melissa Paniccia, head of Historical interpretation at Warwick Castle, said "In medieval times birds were a potent symbol of status and wealth. The Falconer's Quest weaves together the historical story  of falconry with a breathtaking family-friendly aerial spectacle featuring entertaining acrobatics aplenty. The show is held in a custom-built ampitheatre highlighting the beautiful castle grounds and boathouse."

When does it run?
The Falconer's Quest launches TODAY, 6th April 2019 and runs as part of a daily activities at Warwick Castle, with two shows a day, through to 3rd November 2019.

How much?

The Falconer's Quest is included with general admission to Warwick Castle and tickets start from £19 per person (when bought online, 5 days in advance). To book online you can visit

What else can we do at Warwick Castle?

Of course, The Falconer's Quest is not all that Warwick Castle has to offer.

We spent the day exploring the grounds, the towers and the stately rooms.

(I say the towers, what I actually mean is the rest of the family checked out the towers whilst I descended back down to earth very quickly after making it half way and my stomach flipping out on me!)

The children got to practice their sword skills with Sir Jake, who declared that my daughter, the loudest of the bunch, was now to be known as Lady Isla. And boy, she is not letting that one go.

Isla also braved the dungeons with Phil, whilst me and the boys headed to the maze to collect our stamps.

We literally had the most fun day ever. The sun was shining and everything was just stunning.

I took about 1000 photos and you are lucky I have managed to whittle it down to just this selection because I am aware I run the risk of being like those people who make you sit through a 2 hour yawn-fest of really self-indulgent snaps of themselves on holiday!

I have to admit, I turned into a bit of a Lord Lichfield on the day and fancied myself as a bit of a professional photographer when it came to the architecture and scenery. 

It is all just so stunning, it just screamed at me to take photo's of literally every little detail from the day.

If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that I clearly have a thing  for windows!

I'm pretty sure that we only touched on half of whats on offer at Warwick castle in our day, there is just SO much to do there.

Over the Easter holidays there is even more to do with the addition of activities and daily shows including firing the UK's largest siege engine, the mighty trebuchet, the horrible histories maze, expert-led history tours of the great hall and state rooms, archers eye-views from the towers and ramports, story-time in the princess tower and seasonal treats.

If you do want to do it over more that one day to cram everything in, you can now sleepover in Warwick Castle's knights village from only £43* per person per night which includes 2 days entry to the Castle as well as overnight accommodation, buffet breakfast in the Knights village hall, sword fighting skills, archery lessons and more.

*Price is based on a family of four sharing a Woodland Lodge.

For more information you can visit


If you are interested in seeing more photo's or reviews of Warwick Castle or The Falconer's Quest then follow the hashtags #FalconersQuest and #WarwickCastle on social media!

*Our day out at Warwick castle was kindly gifted to preview The Falconer's Quest but all opinions are my own*


  1. I have a massive bird phobia so this probably wouldn't be for me lol. I'm glad you loved it though.

    1. Oh no! Yes, probably best avoided for you then especially with how close they get haha! My Auntie used to have a massive bird phobia too, even little canaries or pigeons. London was nightmare lol.
      The castle itself is well worth a visit though x

  2. I saw an advert for this and it looked incredible! The bird of prey displays are amazing and set in such a beautiful surroundings, glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Yes it really is. Well worth it if you get the chance to visit anytime between now and November!

  3. Oh wow how gorgeous! We love anything like this, my kids are obsessed with birds of prey! Big fan of Warwick castle here too, its one of the best we've ever visited!

    1. Oh well, if they already love birds of prey as well as the castle itself then this is the perfect day out for you guys! They'd love it.

  4. Oh wow this looks amazing and your photos are fab! My hubby would love this

  5. Wow this looks great! I have been to Warwick but it was in the pre baby years. Must visit again as a family!!


    1. Yes, well worth a visit again now with the children!

  6. I went to this show over a decade ago when I was in school, it was great! I’m scared of birds now though so won’t go again but your pictures look amazing x

    Viv @

    1. I think they have done falconry displays in the past but this is a whole new show, unlike any before - new birds, new ampitheatre on the lakeside, the inclusion of actors and a storyline etc. It's really great.
      But not so great for those scared of birds like yourself.


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