Sweet Sundays | How to grab yourself cinema tickets for £2 inc sweets! [from now right through to August]

I have just managed to book for myself and the rest of the family to go and see Toy Story 4 on Sunday for just £13 instead of a whopping £50 and I even have 13 bags of sweets for my money too!

It could have been even cheaper if I'd wanted to, at just £10 but to give us a variety of sweets we opted for some smaller bags of sweets in the mix too (I'll explain this properly in a moment though!)

The offer is runny for the whole summer until the end of August so this is a great deal for any rainy days throughout the summer holidays with the kids (I mean, we are in Britain. Rainy days are likely huh?!)


1. Purchase the specially marked packs of chocolate or sweet from the supermarket.

I used Morrison's who currently have the larger packs of skittles, chewies, starburst mini and starburst original for just £1 until Tuesday 16th July 2019. Sainsbury's are also running the offer until Tuesday 2nd July 2019. Two packs of these give you five stars each, enough for one free cinema ticket.

2. Open the packets to find your code (on the bottom of the larger packs or the side of the smaller packs)

I opened mine and decanted into paper bags to take along to the cinema with us to save us yet further money not having to buy something there! I'm totally not sure if this is allowed or just frowned upon but I have always done it (who doesn't right?) and have yet to be bag checked or told not too! 

3. Register online at www.sweetsundays.co.uk and  enter the codes by 11.59pm on wednesday 7th August 2019. 

You can enter enough codes for 2 tickets per email address but there is nothing stopping you using more than one address. You are not required to confirm your email address and the code comes straight up for you to screenshot, as well as being emailed to you for future reference. To get my 5 tickets I used 3 email addresses I have in use.

4. Redeem your cinema ticket by Sunday 25th August by showing your voucher at the box office or booking online via the cinema's website, inputting the code where shown here on the ticket selection page for cineworld.

The website allows you to add as many codes as you like so we were able to book all 5 tickets at the same time. 

No booking fee will be charged either so it will be entirely free. No hidden extra's.

*The vouchers are valid at Cineworld, Picturehouse, Empire, Showcase, Merlin, Scott, Reel, WTW, Savoy, The Grosvenor, IMAX Playhouse or Moviehouse cinemas. Unfortunately Odeon and Vue are nnot participating.

**You can upgrade your ticket at Cineworld or Showcase cinemas for 3D, 4DX, Superscreen, IMAX, Dbox and Star seating for an upgrade fee at the box office.

Remember to look on the packs of sweets to see how many stars you get per pack. 10 stars = one free ticket. 

To get our 5 free tickets we purchased:

8 x Skittles Chewies (196g) at £1 each
5 stars per pack

1 x M&Ms mix (125g) at £1
2 stars per pack

1 x Galaxy Counters (112g) at £1
2 stars per pack

1 x Maltesers (93g) at £1
2 stars per pack

1 x Revels (101g) at £1
2 stars per pack

1 x Maltesers buttons (93g) at £1
2 stars per pack

50 stars = 5 tickets
Total = £13

Other promotional packs include: 
Maltesers - 189g sharing pouch (5 stars)
Galaxy Minstrels - 118g standard pouch (2 stars) 240g sharing pouch (5 stars)
M&M's Choco - 125g standard pouch (2 stars) 250g sharing pouch (5 stars)
M&M's Peanut - 125g standard pouch (2 stars) 268g sharing pouch (5 stars)
M&M's Crispy - 107g standard pouch (2 stars) 246g sharing pouch (5 stars)
Milky Way Magic Stars - 91g standard pouch (2 stars)
Revels - 205g sharing pouch (5 stars)
Maltesers Buttons - 189g sharing pouch (5 stars)
Skittles Fruits - 152g sharing pouch (2 stars) 196g sharing pouch (5 stars)
Skittles Chewies - 152g sharing pouch (2 stars)
Skittles Sours - 152g sharing pouch (2 stars) 196g sharing pouch (5 stars)
Starburst Mini - 152g sharing pouch (2 stars) 196g sharing pouch (5 stars)
Starburst Original - 165g sharing pouch (2 stars) 210g sharing pouch (5 stars)

Prices may vary from supermarket to supermarket and only the larger packets outlined at the top of the page are currently on off for £1, making your free ticket just £2 in total.

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