Review | Learn to swim with Float Wings by Splash About.

A few months ago now I was kindly offered a new swim aid product from Splash About. As we were due to go on holiday at the end of summer to a hotel with 18 swimming pools no less, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for my 4 year old to give it a good testing!

(We totally ended up going to a completely different hotel, in a totally different country and a few days later than planned because of the Thomas Cook fiasco but it we go there eventually and the new hotel had pools and was by the sea so we were all good)

So what Finn is modelling beautifully here for you are the new Float Wings in the Castles and Dragons design (Also available in Unicorns and Rainbows.)

At a Glance
  • Puncture proof armbands
  • UPF50 protection
  • Double security system to prevent removal by child in the water
  • High quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Self-balancing to keep child afloat
    Easy to put on & take off
  • Conforms to CE European Standard

Splash About has combined traditional armbands with the chest support of its multi-award winning FloatSuits to create Float Wings. These brand-new puncture-proof foam Float Wings are specially designed as a safe way for your child to have fun whilst gaining confidence in the water.

The foam floats in the arms and across the chest are non-removable and unlike traditional armbands, cannot be punctured. The Float Wings provide UPF50 sun protection to vulnerable shoulders as a Nylon Lycra vest secures the wings in place.

To wear, simply pull on the arms, slip the vest over your child’s head and fasten with the rear 3-point adjustable locking buckle. Splash About’s Float Wings conform to CE European Standards and are available in one size, suitable for children aged 2-6 years, which fit 4 year old Finn perfectly. 

The soft weave of the Nylon Lycra fabric adds extra comfort for sensitive skin and causes less chaffing, but the durable foam floats will last wear after wear. 

Finn can't swim at all, has never had any lessons and had very little confidence in the pool prior to our holiday. 

However, that all changed after our first day in Rhodes where he spent 6 hours, yes SIX, in the pool and water park and literally had the time of his life. All because of the Float Wings.

You see, Finn is a stubborn, independent little sausage who hates not being able to do things for himself. Which is where his frustration and dislike of swimming came from. He just wanted to be off, but couldn't.

Me, being an over protective mother at the best of times, always spent the whole time in the pool with my heart in my stomach, not wanting to let go of him or let him even try to swim. I'm guessing I was half of the problem where his confidence was concerned!

We have, over the years with Finn and the other two children tried a whole host of swim aids from the traditional arm bands and rubber ring to more expensive swim vests and the likes and whilst they have been OK, they've never fully done the job - the armbands required a certain amount of skill and swimming ability from the child, the rubber ring ran the risk of them falling through or toppling head first and the swim vests tended to tip them forward slightly which was no good.

I can honestly say I have had none of these issues with the Float Wings whatsoever. They've literally been a godsend whilst on holiday and given my little boy the independence he so desired to swim around alone (with us there obviously!) 

He swam every single day.

Even on days where we went off to explore the local area, we still had to come back to get some pool time in.

By the end of the week he was jumping in and actually kicking his feet and using his arms to swim along.

I think the pictures & videos of him floating around in the water, not a care in the world, speak for themselves!

From a parents perspective, I feel totally happy too. I know he's safe and I know he isn't going to tip up or go under suddenly.

"The key to using the Float Wings effectively is to first help your child find their balance. Once in the water with your child, stand in front, facing them and hold both their hands –encourage them to kick their legs as this assists them in finding their balance, after a generous amount of time in the water, try letting go of one hand then the other – it may take a little practice for them to find their balance, and it will depend on how water confident your child is - if they have been attending swim
lessons they will probably start to kick their legs and move their arms instinctively. It’s a bit like riding a bike – it’s all about balance - so naturally some children will take
longer to learn than others."

The matching Castles and Dragons swim shorts are also available to complete the look.

They feature the inner lining and elasticated waist, adjustable to fit, but also come with 2 side pockets which make them suitable for wearing out of the water too!

The quality is high, the same as with the Float Wings, with the fabric not only protecting from the sun but also being lightweight enough to keep children cool.

Practical and stylish all at the same time.  

Overall I think the Float Wing are just wonderful and I don't know what we would have done all holiday without them. I cannot thank Splash About enough for them because they have made Finn so confident and happy to be in the water and really ignited a passion for swimming in him which we will continue now that we're back home.

I have raved about them all holiday (literally couldn't count the amount of times how much I told Phil "Those Float Wings are just amazing aren't they?" "What would we have done without these?" and  "Look how happy he is to be swimming") and I will continue to rave about them and recommend them to everyone I see.

The Float Wings are available from for £16.99 and the swim shorts are £9.99 and both are worth every penny of that and more. 

* As mentioned previously, these products were very kindly gifted to me by Splash About for the purposes of review. All opinions however are my own and I would never recommend something I didn't fully believe in*

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  1. Baby floats have evolved a great deal following the introduction of water wings. These floats now come in a wide range of styles and designs.


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