Know your self-worth | 13 things that don't define you!

”Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” - Unknown

We are all our own worst critics in life. 

When we criticise, the mind listens, reacts & responds, making us feel anxious & stressed & decreases our mood.

It has a detrimental affect on our mental health.

We need to stop allowing outside influences like these defining us!

My Saturday Soundtracks | 5 feel-good anthems to get your dancing around the house

I was recently lucky enough to be featured on the lovely Chelle's blog, The Mumington Post for week one of her 'Saturday soundtrack' feature.

"We know that inspiration comes and flows. One thing that keeps us inspired is the music we listen to and the books we read so we have decided to reinstate the previously popular Saturday Soundtrack!"

And I am so bloody glad she did!

I has so much fun choosing the five songs that get me grooving around the house on a Saturday morning that I thought I would share my little selection over here too.

I love music, it is literally my life. And whilst I am a fan of a good heartbreak ballad, I also love a good feel-good tune, something that takes you right back to happy times and just totally fills your heart with joy.

It is these types of songs that are essential for my mental well-being.

They not only make me happy, but also motivate me so much that I cannot clean or tidy the house without them blaring.

So here goes....

Gift Guide | Father's Day 2019

Hey, thank's for tunin' in.

Father's day is only a couple of weeks away now (Sunday 16th June) and so if you haven't already sorted presents for your Father/ Step-Father or your Children's Father/ Step-Father yet, you're in luck because I have collated a whole host of great gifts for every type of man.

I think that men sometimes get the rough end of the deal when it comes to gifts compared to women on Mother's Day so I am here to help you spoil him with something cool and unusual.

There is something here for all budgets too!

So kick back and relax, grab a cuppa and get your inspo from the comfort of your armchair.

Recipe | Afternoon tea strawberry & clotted cream cupcakes


The sun is shining here and I'm really feeling like Summer might just be upon us.

And what screams British summertime more than Strawberries and clotted cream?

These vanilla cupcakes ooze old fashioned home made runny jam when cut into, and the clotted cream frosting on top gives it a real Cornish cream tea taste.

#mentalhealthawarenessweek | 7 ways you can help support someone with anxiety?

I have talked a few times now about mental health and anxiety, specifically about my battle with body image which is this years Mental Health Awareness Week theme and blogged some tips that have helped me with my anxiety.

It can be really hard to 'deal with' someone who is suffering from anxiety.

I say 'deal with' because sometimes that's how it feels doesn't it?

Like it's a burden or you are babysitting.

Believe me, I know.

National Stationery Week | 7 days of stationery

Hi, my name is Laura and I am a stationery addict.

There, I said it.

But I know I'm not the only one here am I?

Earth Day | 10 of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Earth day was celebrated this week, which kinda got me thinking about our planet and how we can look after it.

I guess that's kinda the point of this day every year!

Easter Recipe | Lemon Blondies

Nothing says Easter to me more than Lemon flavours in cooking.

The shops are filled with limited edition lemon flavour cakes from French Fancies to Viennese whirls all filled with Lemony goodness.

I love citrus flavours so this is my favourite time of year.

So of course I had to get baking my own Lemony treats!

Mental Health & Wellbeing | 10 achievable steps to a healthier mind

I've been fairly open and honest on here about my struggle with anxiety. 

I think it is important to be open about these things, and not just to shut it away from the outside world like a dirty secret.

It isn't and never will be.

Anxiety and depression and real. They are normal and people in all walks of life suffer with them daily.

Easter Gift Guide

The joy of Spring is in the air, the fields are full of baby lambs and the birds are chirping in the trees.

It can only mean one thing....

Easter is nearly upon us!

Which can kinda be stressful, especially when you have 3 of your own children to play Easter Bunny to, 10 nieces and nephews to buy for and a family gathering to participate in.

It also means my children can get inundated with chocolate so not only do I have a range of delicious sweet treats to show you here, there are also some great non-chocolate alternatives as well as gifts suitable for the grown ups in your life.

So sit back and let me take the stress out of Easter gift hunting and check out my recommendations below.

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