Meal planning: What's in season?

Do you know what is in season in each month?


Why should you?

Because, not only will it mean your produce is super fresh and tasty, it will also cost less.

And, if it's in season in Britain, it will more than likely be British produce too. Which helps farmers in this country. And boy do they need our help at the moment!

Supermarkets will most probably have good deals on in season produce and farm shops/ markets & greengrocers will be packed full so you can buy larger, cheaper quantities to freeze.

Or why not get the family out to a local pick your own farm. Often cheaper and a fun day out too.

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  1. we went blackberry picking around the woodlands, and were rewarded with quite a haul of blackberries, so jam and scones are on the menu xx

  2. What a wonderful competition thank you. I always google mary Berry if i want to bake a cake or a pie and so far i've had no soggy bottoms :)


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