10 things you might not know about me. #10thingsaboutme

So I was tagged in this meme months and months ago on instagram by a few people and never got around to doing it so I thought I'd share some interesting (maybe) facts on here instead as a little 'getting to know you' post because although I've been blogging a while now, I don't really share much about myself!

1. I hate alcohol.

OK, I know this one might shock a few people but I have never really progressed into adulthood properly and acquired a taste for gin or fine wines or anything that remotely tastes like alcohol. 
I spent most of my teens & 20's downing shots, necking vile tasting concoctions and ultimately pretending I liked the taste and basically just did it to get pissed.
As I approached my 30's and realised I was a little too old to drink just to get drunk and that I couldn't bare the hangover the next day, I finally admitted to myself that I just don't like alcohol.
It is an absolute pain when it comes to being an adult though as it kinda is the done thing right? 
So when I go out for 'a few drinks with friends' or for a nice romantic meal or any sort of socialising whatsoever, I have a real struggle with what to order at the bar (especially as I don't particularly like fizzy drinks either. Or mixed fruit drinks. OK, I'm kinda fussy when it comes to drinks in general. I like orange squash, water and tea. That's pretty much it! I even ordered a hot chocolate on a night out with work once.)

Oh, I lied, I am partial to a Malibu sometimes, but then its not really a meal accompanying drink is it

2. I can't drive.

Again, something that you don't really expect of a 32 year old women. Driving is just the done thing and most just assume that everyone can. It's another example of where I've failed to properly become an adult!
I did take lots of lessons when I was 17/18 but ended up going off to university and stopped. Ever since then I have put if off for one reason of another, primarily money and anxiety.
I have however recently started lessons again and am determined to pass by September next year. If not for me (who actually quite enjoys walking everywhere) but for the kids who are absolutely desperate for me to pass so that we can do more together in the holidays when Daddy (designated driver) is at work. 
I've done 10 or so hours so far and I'm feeling good about it!

3. I was on citv's Finders keepers TV show.

Do you remember, the one with Neil Buchanan where you raid the rooms? The one that every kid wanted to go on (as well as fun house!)? 
Well, yup, I went on it in 1996 when I was 11 years old. Crazy to think it was on that many years ago now.
The production team came to our school and did some activities with all of my year 6 class as a group audition type exercise and me and boy called Anthony were the two chosen.
A few weeks later we were on a plane to Glasgow to record the show.
FYI We lost. I was too tidy & polite it seems.
We moved house a year later to a new area, and CITV decided that they would repeat our series whilst I was in Year 8 at my brand new school (at that really awkward, self conscious age!) and embarrass the hell outta me more. I had everyone in my class that night calling me up asking if it was me on the TV. Oh the shame.

4. I once worked at Butlins.

I decided to take a very unconventional gap year and work at Butlins in Minehead for the summer season.
And no, I wasn't a red coat (that is always everyone's next question)
So instead of travelling the seas and undertaking some meaningful voluntary work I decided to work as a shop assistant in a holiday camp supermarket.
It was however the most fun I've ever had. I met the best of people, I worked hard and partied harder. It was my first time living away from home and it felt great!

5. I have never broken a bone.

Not much to say to this one other than I just have super strong bones. Or I am just lucky enough to have never been involved in any kind of situation where they could be broken.
There was a question mark over a hurty toe a few years ago but nothing was ever confirmed so I'm gonna say it was just badly bruised (contrary to what I may have protested as I hobbled around at the time)
My mum or sisters have never broken any either so I'm rolling with the strong bones being a passed on via a super gene.

6. I've had a fringe pretty much since I left the womb.

OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but ever since my hair was long enough I have had a fringe. And I had hair down to my bum at the age of 2, so a very long time. 
And so after 30 odd years of a fringe, it is kinda like my security blanket now. I can't even bare for hairdressers to 'give it a trim' after some stupid hairdresser once hacked away at it so much it was only an inch long.
Like Sia and her huge hair, my big, thick fringe IS me. Without it I'm pretty sure I'd become a hermit.
Me and my fringe are like peas and carrots or jelly and ice cream.

7. I have PCOS.

I was diagnosed shortly after having my first child. I was suffering abdominal pain and after going back and forth to the doctors I was finally sent for a scan and the cysts were confirmed.
I went back to the GP after my scan who bluntly told me that although I had conceived my daughter with no trouble, I was unlikely to ever conceive again or at the very least it would take me years so if I did want other children in the future I should think about it sooner rather than later.
Stupid, Stupid doctor.....one month it took. One bloody month. 
So Boom, 10 months later and there's me with two children 17 months and under.
And clearly I have then gone on to have a third with absolutely no problems at all. I am clearly one of the very lucky ones.

8. My Dad died when I was 12.

My father committed suicide 20 years ago. It was the hardest time of my life and for a very long time I couldn't say those words. I couldn't tell people how he died. It was like a dirty secret that I held. I lied and told people he was ill or he'd been run over because I just couldn't bare the looks or the questions I got if they knew the truth. I always thought people would look at our family and think what was so terrible about that man's life that he would be driven to d such a thing. Back then, suicide wasn't something that was talked about like it is today. Truth is, there was absolutely nothing terrible about his life whatsoever. He was ill and that's the bottom line. It IS an illness not a dirty secret.
I am so glad now that awareness, particularly for men's mental health, is being made.

9. I don't iron. Ever.

I hate it and therefore simply don't both doing it. I live in skinny jeans and stretchy tops that just don't need ironing and I tumble dry absolutely everything so it doesn't need it.
On the very odd occasion something smart might need an iron, P does it.
It's just one of those jobs that come under his remit along with putting the bins out and doing the dishwasher, which I equally hate.

10. I have a degree.

After my life affirming gap year of enlightenment at Butlins I went off to Gloucestershire uni to continue with the 'work hard, party harder' ethic I had learnt. 
Oh, and I studied for a degree (
Media communications and Marketing management).
And I am beginning my journey to a degree yet again... 
After never really doing much with the degree I have, and taking time out to raise the family, I have come to the conclusion that my passion lies in healthcare so I am currently doing my access diploma in Science in order to go back to University next September. 
Wish me luck!

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